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DIY Hidden Storage in Old Books | DIY Storage Ideas

DIY Hidden Storage in Old Books
DIY Storage Ideas
DIY Hidden Storage in Old Books


Create elegant, hidden DIY storage for all of your knick-knacks, and miscellaneous items that usually float around your coffee table.  These cute cubby-storage books are easy to make, and stylish to display!


Cool DIY Craft Project
Here are the supplies that you need to make this cool DIY craft project.

Diamond Glaze (available from

Three old books (small, medium, large)

Exacto Knife (or box cutter)

Paint Brush

Step 1

Upcycle Ideas

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In order to effectively slice a storage cavern in the book pages without the paper sliding around too much, we need to hold all of the book pages together.  To do that, we’ll use some of our wonderful Diamond Glaze!  Apply a generous coat of Diamond Glaze around the edges of the book pages and let it dry.  It will really anchor those pages together so that we can get a firm cut into the book with our exacto knife!

Step 2

DIY Craft Projects

When the Diamond Glaze around the perimeter of the pages dries, it’s time to cut out the secret storage cavity in the book.  Use a super-sharp exacto knife or box cutter to slice a rectangle about an inch away from all the sides of the page.  If you press hard, you should be able to get through about 10 pages at a time.  Yep, it’s laborious to get through all of it, but it will be worth it!  Keep slicing through those pages in that big rectangle shape until you get close to the bottom of the book.  Make sure to leave at least a page or two at the bottom so that you get that great text lining the bottom.

Step 3

How to Recycle

Once your rectangular cavity is sliced from the book, poor a puddle of Diamond Glaze on the bottom.  Use your paintbrush to slather that glaze all over the interior sides of the rectangular space, giving it a thick, protective coat.

Step 4

Do it to all three of your books, stack them up from largest to smallest, and you’re done!

Upcycling Ideas
This elegant stash box is a great upcycling idea for your old books.

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