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How to Make Your Own DIY Baby Wipes [VIDEO]

Don't spend a ton of money on store-bought baby wipes! Go the affordable and all natural route with these easy-to-make DIY baby wipes. With five "ingredients" and about five minutes of your time, you can create a significant supply of homemade baby wipes. No fuss, no mess, just straightforward DIY at its best. Check out the video below and see how one crafty Melbourne …Continue Reading

You Can DIY Your Own DNA Analysis With Bento Lab

Ever Wanted to Tinker With DNA? You May Soon Be Able To. Hang on to your collection tubes, citizen scientists, a new kit has the power to revolutionize DNA analysis and research -- by making it accessible and affordable for average folks like you and me. Bento Lab’s DIY DNA analysis kit is small enough to fit in a backpack (think: bento box lunches) and can analyze DNA from …Continue Reading

Pinterest Launches How-To DIY Pins

On March 29, the virtual cork board app Pinterest launched a glorious new feature: How-To DIY pins. (Brief pause for the angel's trumpets to sound.) Pinterest Launches How-To DIY Pins All of us DIY-ers are well aware of the disconnect between perfect-looking DIY projects on Pinterest posted and actually replicating them IRL; in other words, it's difficult to get from …Continue Reading

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