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Upgrade Your Winter Home Decor with These DIY Projects

winter-decor-on-windowsill-lanterns-clouds | Upgrade Your Winter Home Decor with These DIY Projects | Featured

With winter in full swing, you can take advantage of your days spent indoors by upgrading your home decor. This roundup of winter home accents and decor can be used and re-used for more winters to come!

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Amazing Home Decor Ideas To Try This Winter

Bring More Life To Your Home With These Decor Ideas

Home decor is very important no matter what the season is. But, bringing some merriment into your home after the holidays can be a little tough to do. Without a clear purpose of celebration, the winter blues become more palpable, and sometimes, they’re very hard to fight off.

However, perhaps there should be light and love in your house no matter the season, occasion, or celebration! So to achieve this, here’s a list of fabulous pieces of home decor to liven up your home.

1. Faceted Vase

stylish-high-gray-concrete-multifaceted-vases | home decor diy

The motif of winter and holiday decorations usually revolve around all things sparkly and bright. This faceted vase is quite the novel winter home decor for its geometric pattern and bare aesthetic! It provides a good contrast when set against your other winter home adornments.

2. DIY Pinecone Winter Decor

winter-christmas-decor-conifer-cones-on | home decoration

There are many ways to show the beauty of the season, and one of them is by using pinecones! This home decor is a nice bright motif for most decorations. There’s always a place for fun and quirky ideas no matter the season, and this DIY pinecone winter decor will prove it!

3. DIY Dried Apple and Orange Slice Garland

festive-garland-cinnamon-sticks-dried-oranges | room decor

Welcome your guests to a nice fruity garland with the smell of apples and oranges! You can even add cinnamon so it will still smell good after several days.

4. DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine

If you’re aiming for a fun twist to your home, then this is the home decor for you! Sometimes, old and unused things can still be turned into beautiful decors at home. Good thing you can DIY this snow globe out of a gumball machine!

5. Epsom Salt Snowman Vase

two-snowfolks-salt-pepper-shakers-set | diy home decor

A snowman out of a fishbowl! Talk about a beautiful irony. A home decor so inventive and practical such as this Epsom salt snowman vase will always be a favorite! Using Epsom salt to get the snow effect is genius, don’t you think?

6. Winter Wine Bottle Centerpiece

handmade-decoration-bottle-burlap-wedding-ideas | decor

Wine bottles have been a favorite home decor for a while now and everyone can see why. They are so effortlessly elegant and sophisticated! Plus, you really don’t have to do much to turn them into beautiful DIY projects.

7. Frosty Banners

Let it snow— on your front porch! But since we don’t actually want the snow crowding our house, we’ll let these beautiful frosty banners do the work! It’s such a festive welcoming home decor, so guests are reminded there is joy in snowfall!

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8. Winter Village

There’s something so endearing in seeing an entire village covered in pristine white snow. It’s almost like anticipating the rebirth of an entire community!

That’s what the cycle of seasons is about, after all. Upgrade your winter home decor with this poetic and gorgeous winter village.

9. DIY Snow-Covered Pinecones

cones-hands-women-womens-hold-on | home design

Pinecones abound during this season and they are fashioned into various pieces of home decor. They can get repetitive sometimes so we must find ways to change them up! These DIY snow-covered pinecones are the perfect way of updating this classic home decor!

10. Hot Glue Gun Snowflake Window Clings

This is probably my favorite item of home decor on the list for its practicality! All you need to have for this DIY is a hot glue gun! It’s enough to make these beautiful snowflakes which you can use to decorate your window!

11. Winter Dioramas

If you can use salt to make faux snow, then surely you can also use sugar! These winter sugar dioramas are as easy as making your first one for your show and tell as a child!

They’re perfect for filling up those small spaces at home which need a subtle yet attractive bit of decor!

12. DIY Flameless Fire Pit

Not all of us can afford a fireplace, and that’s not a problem! This winter, you can have your own DIY flameless fire pit instead! Doesn’t it look divine? Gather ‘round and prepare your favorite story! You won’t even have to worry about replenishing the wood!

13. Giant Snowflake Light-Up Marquee

If you’re going for home decor so bold and fantastic, every guest will notice, then this one’s for you! A giant snowflake light-up marquee is the ultimate winter home decor to uplift everyone’s spirits! It makes such a statement, an entire party can be organized around it!

14. DIY Lamp for Winter

closeup-white-handmade-star-lamp-light  | interior design

This DIY lamp will definitely bring the festivity of winter into your home—minus the winter blues and chilly air. Plus, you can show your creativity by making different cutout designs for your lamp!

15. Seashell Candle Holder

DIY projects are all about turning anything and everything into beautiful pieces of art. Even clamshells can be turned into a beautiful candle holder perfect for winter! They are also creative and artistic enough to be updated and modified according to your taste and personality.

It can sometimes be taken for granted since we focus on the furniture, the spacing, or even the structure when we enter a house. But all these things are beautified, adorned, and enhanced with the right kind of home decor!

Home decor is to home as a presentation is to food—it just makes everything more appealing and pleasing to the senses! So, take your pick, and make your own winter home decor today!

Which of these DIY winter home decor ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on January 16, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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