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17 DIY Winter Decorations Projects

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It can be a little difficult to find activities to do during winter. We have a solution: DIY winter decoration projects. Instead of staying at home because roads are closed or because it’s simply just too freezing to go outside, start one of these projects! Here are incredible winter DIY winter decorations to make you productive during this chilly season. Not only are they perfect for the season, they’ll also show you that staying in doesn’t mean missing out on anything!

Dispel “Winter Gloom” With These Amazing DIY Winter Decorations Projects

I used to dread the cold months. It’s a little harder for everyone to be in a good mood when there are long nights and depressing temperatures. Until one winter, I decided I should be able to make the most out of this season! Winter is still a beautiful season. It reminds us of the cycle of nature and the importance of warmth and home. So, I’ve put together some amazing DIY winter decorations projects to keep me busy during the cold season!

With almost everyone spending more time at home, these DIY winter decorations projects are the perfect way to bond with one another. We can always use a little help, and asking your family members to create these winter DIYs with you will create wonderful memories–and dispel the winter gloom. If that’s not enough reason to make these winter DIYs, let me remind you everything you’ll be making can be reused all year long, especially during the next winter season! So get your DIY tools out and try these fantastic winter projects!


1. DIY Pinecone Fire Starter

We all need a little (or a lot of) warmth during winter, but why settle for just ordinary fire? Ignite your flame with these pinecone fire starters to fill your home with the soothing smell of nature.


2. Carnation Snowman Centerpiece

Celebrations such as dining and drinking during winter must be in theme, of course! These snowman centerpieces are DIY winter decorations projects that will be a sure hit and a good ice breaker!



3. Layered-Scent Holiday Candles

Some of us light candles for illumination, others for warmth. But you can have both with an added bonus! You will wish it’s always a season for candles once the different alternating smells of winter waft through your home courtesy of these layered-scent candles!


4. Patchwork Quilt

Who says you can’t be creative and cozy? Make your own patchwork quilt and wrap yourself with some warmth and comfort done with a bit of style!


5. Botanical Ice Luminaries

The long nights during winter doesn’t have to be so dark and gloomy! We all need a little darkness to better appreciate the beauty of light. Make botanical ice luminaries to add the glow to the season.


6. Snowy Winter Wreath

Updating an old wreath has never been more fun! There’s no need to break the bank with winter DIYs. This tutorial shows you how to transform your regular wreath into one fit for the season!


7. Orange Candle

No, it’s not a candle in an orange color. It’s an orange turned into a candle! With all the snow covering the streets, trees, and bushes, we have to be reminded of the beauty of nature! Light up your first orange candle today!


8. Wine Bottle Candle Holder

Have you always wanted an elegant and luminous dinner during winter? Now you can achieve that with these sophisticated wine bottle candle holders! Any person gathered around your table will surely feel your dinner is magical.


9. Black Cat-Stamped Scarf

One of the great things about winter is the fashion! It’s time for layers and pieces of clothing we can only wear during the cold! Show your personality through your fashion with these black cat-stamped scarf!


10. Socks from Sweater Sleeves

I have a feeling you may have gotten too many sweaters during Christmas. So, these winter DIYs are here to help! Turn some of them into comfortable and cozy socks!


11. Winter Terrariums

Terrariums can be in season too! Create a mini winter wonderland with these easy steps! It’s like having a pocket winter garden!


12. Winter Photo Coasters

Winter DIYs are all about turning little mundane things into fabulous pieces for winter! Enjoy a memory with every sip of your hot drink with these winter photo coasters!


13. Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

This is the season to expect people coming into your house with bulky coats! Be ready to welcome guests with a simple but sturdy wall-mounted coat rack!



14. DIY Potpourri

We don’t need any more reminders that the air is freezing and chilly. It’s time to infuse the air with some good ol’ homemade scents with your very own DIY potpourri! This list of winter DIYs just got a lot more homey!


15. Snowman Cloche

Snow globes are an undeniable classic but these DIY winter decorations projects should be about switching it up! Instead of your usual snow globe, make these marvelous snowman cloches! It’s like capturing the beautiful season in the loveliest way.


16. Knitted Vase Cover

Vases get cold, too! I’m just kidding. But they need all the style and beauty they can get! Dress up your vases for the cold months with this knitted vase cover!


17. Fingerless Gloves

Time to bust out the gloves! These pieces of clothing instantly transform any outfit into the most sophisticated and chic ensemble. No need to buy an expensive pair! Winter DIYs show you how to fashion a pair in the simplest and most practical way.


Watch this video from IdunnGoddess for more Winter DIYs:

These beautiful DIY winter decorations projects will add the much-needed cheer and festivity in these long cold months! All it takes is a little effort to turn this entire season into a time for creativity and imagination. You might even find yourself wishing for winter to come sooner.


Which of these winter DIYs is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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