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17 Clever Winter Gear Organization Ideas

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Snow is falling and our family’s winter gear is piling up. These clever winter gear organization ideas are lifesavers!

Winter Gear Storage Ideas For A Mess-Free Home

I’m not particularly happy about the winter gear mess my family creates. Every year, I’d usually use big wicker baskets to organize our winter gear; one basket for mittens, one basket for the hats, and so on. This storage solution worked great after we use the winter gear. However, when it’s time to look for something, the kids have to dig through the pile and I end up picking up the entire mess again. This year, I’m done with that and I want to share with you these clever organization ideas that can help us all divert an impending winter gear disaster in the home.


1. DIY Snow Gear Organizer

Leftover wood, baskets, and hooks are what you’ll need to make this snow gear organizer. Put all the kids’ snow gear here so the kids don’t have to dig through the closet just to find their mittens or scarves.


2. DIY Rustic Wall Mount Storage Bin

Having a storage bin near the front or back door is always a good idea. It saves you the trouble of running up the stairs just to get a pair of socks. But more than this, it’s a great storage solution, as you can store winter gear here without dragging snow and dirt inside your home.

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3. DIY Shelf And Bench

Every home should have a mudroom. It’s very useful especially during winter time when you need to store tons of winter gear for you and the kids. It’s the perfect place to store used coats and wet and muddy footwear. On the other hand, if you don’t have a mudroom yet, this easy DIY shelf and bench will do wonders for your winter gear storage situation.


4. DIY Snowboard Rack

You may love snowboarding, but if you don’t have space to store your sports winter gear, you’re practically inviting clutter into your home. For organizing purposes, or better yet, for safety purposes as well, make this DIY snowboard rack and keep the mess at bay.


5. Strings And Clothespins

I really like this winter gear organization idea. Not only can I organize my kids’ hats and gloves; it can also air dry them after use!


6. Shoe Holder Organizer

Often, the best solutions are the simplest. This plastic shoe holder is probably the most versatile storage solution I’ve ever seen. It can store practically anything, from jewelry to my kids’ little toys. It’s simple and very effective.


7. Curtain Rod Winter Gear Organizer

Who knew that this simple winter gear storage hack would make your life a whole lot easier this winter? All you need is a curtain rod and some curtain rod clips to hang those used scarves, mittens and beanies. No more picking up the mess off of the floor!



8. Kids Winter Gear Closet

This coat closet was actually transformed into a kid’s winter storage center. Not only is this super accessible for the kiddos, it will also teach the kids where to grab and put back the winter gear they use, which actually helps you with the cleanup too!


9. Paint Can Organizer

Don’t throw away those paint cans yet; they can be your stylish and ultra-functional winter gear organizers right at the entryway of your home! This DIY paint organizer can actually store your scarves, mittens, hats, and even your light coats.


10. Bench Boot Storage

La-la-love this! I’ve already made this DIY bench boot storage at home with our old ottoman. Similar to drip trays, this boot storage will help keep the snow and mud away from the floors. But what sets this apart from the usual drip tray is that you can actually close the bench and hide unsightly winter footwear. Plus, you can sit on it too while pulling on your booties!


11. Narrow Built-In Mudroom

I want to share this with you because it’s an excellent way to organize or lay out your mudroom (if you have one). As you can see, there’s space for all the winter gear, even the schoolbags and ear muffs. Sometimes, even if we have space, it’s difficult to organize efficiently. Hopefully, this will be an inspiration to you.


12. Simple DIY Coat Rack and Mitten Holder

This DIY Coat Rack and Mitten Holder is one of the simplest ways to store and dry mittens, hats or scarves. It’s a year-round storage solution. I can’t believe I haven’t come across this organization idea before! I think it looks great in the hallway, my kids’ bedrooms, or even the laundry room (for those missing socks).


13. Dressed-Up Clothing Rack

You don’t need to hide your winter coats after use. The truth is, your coat closet will be better used for storing snow shovels this winter. Hang your coats on this upcycled clothing rack. Decorate a little for that added rustic appeal in your entryway.


14. DIY Hat Display

If you have a collection of beautiful beanie hats, I’m sure you’ll dedicate some time to recreate this wonderful DIY for them. Now you have a way to proudly display your collection and at the same time, making them pretty much accessible when you needed them.


15. Wire Basket Wall Organizer

Setting up wire basket in your entryway’s wall for each member of your family is a perfect way to keep this busy spot clean and organized. And with hats, coats, and other winter necessities near the door, leaving the house will be a breeze without the need for last-minute searches.


16. DIY Wooden Boot Rack

Keeping your winter boots organized has never been this picturesque! This DIY wooden boot rack is very simple in design, yet provides solutions to common winter problems: maintaining dry floors, space saving, and keeping critters out.


17. DIY Scarf Storage

Use your collection of lovely scarves as decor and add some cheer to keep the winter blues at bay. Simply wrap each scarf on the ladder wrung. When the seasosn change, store your heavy scarves and use the same ladder to display other accessories that go with the season.


Make a hat or scarf from a sweater without having to sew or knit! Check out the tutorial from Idunn Goddess here:

Did you have fun going through these winter gear organization ideas? I truly hope you find the storage solution for you and your family. Let’s enjoy the winter snow without the stress of cleaning up!

Sound off in the comments section below if you have other organization ideas to share. We’re excited to hear about them!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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