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Installation Tips For Building Backyard Swing Sets For Kids

This time is the best time to enjoy your outdoors. Make sure you don't enjoy it on your own instead build a backyard swing sets for your kids to enjoy too! It's always a great time when spent with the ones we love. Outdoor activities can also mean family time, and if you have backyard swing sets, that would mean double the fun. As you relax, your kids get to play, enjoy and make the most of the play season. Leave the gadgets in the house, and playfully bask in the sun with family.

Installation Tips For Building Backyard Swing Sets For Kids

Have these tips in mind as you plan to have your own backyard swing sets or playsets for your kids. It will really come handy, regardless of the kind of set you will have. Also, don't forget to check local building regulations before you start.

1. Choose the right spot

Find a spot that is free from tree branches and has at least some safety zone around the playset. If you find yourself with trees, then maximize the area by building the playground around it. The trees can act as a border for the playground too.

2. Follow the instructions that come with your set

Most people I know would never read the instruction manual, and that's not going to work if you're going to install a backyard swing set for your kids. Don't be fooled by how simple a playset looks. It's more complicated to put them together. The instruction manual will also provide you with a checklist of parts so you'll know if you're missing something or not. This makes it easy for you to order the missing parts too.

3. Secure the playset

Part of building your backyard swing sets, or any playset, is to secure them. Make sure that the screws and bolts are tight. Make sure that the entire thing is anchored

4. Consider your ground base

You can choose between using sand and mulch as the base for the playground. The most popular base is mulch because it's soft and tends to stay in the play area. It looks good and it will last a few years. There is also a rubberized mulch, which tends to be a better version of a mulch.

5. Do not forget the maintenance

Maintain your playset by cleaning it with cleaner and water at the beginning of play season. Make sure all the bolts and hardware are tight before the play season and a week or two throughout. Look for sharp edges and replace anything as needed. Also, check for splinters or any protruding nails or screws. Oil the moving metal parts on a monthly basis. Check swing seats and chains for rust and deterioration.

6. Keep the tools and extra parts

At the end of the season, store the plastic parts, swinging activities and ropes in a plastic container so you can use them again when summer comes out. Plastic doesn't do well against extreme humidity and temperatures.

Here is the full video from Lowe's Home Improvement giving us tips in building backyard swing sets:

These tips are not only going to help you build your backyard swing sets, but they will also help you keep your children safe when they play. But don't ever forget about supervision. Make sure that an adult is always around when your kids are out having fun.

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