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Easy Pumpkin Crafts To Welcome Fall With

handmade-halloween-decorations-fabric | Easy Pumpkin Crafts To Welcome Fall With | Featured

Give fall a warm welcome with these easy-peasy pumpkin crafts. All of these ideas are so simple, even a newbie can pull them off.

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11 Easy Pumpkin Crafts Even Newbies Can Pull Off

1. DIY Succulent Planters

succulent flowers arrangement green pumpkin

Give your succulents a fall-themed home with some mini pumpkin planters. Scoop out your pumpkins, add your succulents, and cover with some soil and a sheet of moss.

These make great side table additions or even centerpieces.

2. Pumpkin Candle Holder

candle pumpkin on wooden background copy | real pumpkin crafts

These stylish candle holders look so elegant, people will ask where you bought them. Leave a hole in the middle of a pumpkin to hold your candles.

You can also swap out your real candles for some wax-dipped tealights for a centerpiece that’s both eye-catching and fire-proof!

If you’re worried about wax dripping or open flames, opt for flameless candles like these flameless pillars.

3. Fabric Pumpkins

handemade cozy fabric pumpkins autumn decoration | fall pumpkin crafts for adults

We love our freshly-picked pumpkins, but sometimes you need something that can stand the test of time. Here’s where these fabric pumpkins come in.

Go wild with the fabric patterns, stuff them with some uncooked rice, or even toilet paper rolls, and you’ll have something that will last you year-round.

4. Pumpkin Turkeys

turkey-pumpkin-decoration | how to make pumpkin crafts

In time for Thanksgiving, turn your pumpkins to turkey decorations. All you have to do is draw out a turkey head from cardboard boxes or thin plywood, cut them to shape, and color them.

5. Felt Jack-O’-Lantern

whimsical halloween background image handmade felt | pumpkin arts and crafts

Here’s a great way to get your kids involved in the pumpkin fest and also in time for Halloween. Have your kid cut out some pumpkin shapes and faces, then swap the pieces out during playtime.

Need felt? Check this out.

6. Paper Pumpkins

paper orange pumpkin on yellow background | easy paper pumpkin crafts

We love how simple and versatile these paper pumpkins are. Use a variety of paper to make different types of pumpkins and use them to jazz up your place.

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7. Paper Mache Pumpkins

childrens hands hold homemade orange papiermache | fall crafts for kids

Paint some paper-mâché pumpkins in the color of your choice, and you’ll instantly add a pop of color to your home. Don’t forget your glue!

8. Pumpkin Vase

bouquet flowers golden pumpkin inside-autumn | pumpkin decorating ideas

Look how adorable this pumpkin vase look, especially when paired with some fresh flowers. Because it’s made out of foam, rest assured that you’ll enjoy its beauty beyond the fall season.

And since it is not real, you can also color it gold using Krylon spray paint.

9. Pumpkin Pinata

halloween pumpkin pinata | halloween crafts for adults

Get ready for a rad Halloween party with this pumpkin pinata. All you need is a paper lantern, some crepe paper, and of course a whole lot of treats.

10. Crochet Pumpkins

crochet pumpkin on dark background handmade | pumpkin crafts for adults

Bring a cozy touch with some crochet pumpkins. Get your hook, needle, and stitch markers ready and make sure to round out those edges just like how you would when you’re making a hat.

Tip: Try mixing and matching different types of yarn for a bit of a twist.

11. Pumpkin Wreath

handmade wreath small pumpkins zucchini on | fall crafts for adults

Update your front door with this pretty pumpkin wreath. Just take a grapevine wreath and glue on some dried flowers and a couple of faux mini pumpkins.

Watch this video from Jay Munee DIY for other pumpkin makeover ideas:

We hope you enjoyed these pumpkin crafts. Enjoy the fall season and let us know if you’ve tried any of these ideas.

How do you use your pumpkins? Let us know in the comments section below!


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