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15 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins This Fall

Autumn floral bouquet in a pumpkin vase for Halloween | Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins This Fall | decorating with pumpkins outside

Help yourself to these eye-catching and creative ways to decorate your home with pumpkins. Let your creative side out and try painting, embellishing, and even stringing ’em pumpkins!

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DIY Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pumpkins

1. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


Fall and pumpkins just go hand in hand, and for me, there’s no better way to decorate your home than with pumpkins. I’m also always on the lookout for cheap ways to do the job and these decorating ideas make the cut.

Turn pumpkins into owls, mini carriages and more with these ideas on how to decorate pumpkins! These are unique ideas you’ll love to see and make, for sure.

2. Floral Pumpkin Vase


Need a new vase for a fall centerpiece? Grab a pumpkin and start carving to make a fall floral pumpkin vase.

This floral pumpkin vase will make a great centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner or even when you just want to take your vase game up a notch.

3. Fabulous DIY Decorated Pumpkins

Grab some studs, pins, paint, and pumpkins for this cool craft project.

These DIY decorated pumpkins put the fab in fabulous! If you don’t trust me, then see it for yourself.

4. Tribal Inspired Pumpkins


Want to go tribal for your pumpkin decorations? Try this easy DIY tribal-inspired pumpkins tutorial.

White makes the perfect base for the pumpkin then you can just pick the colors for the design.

Keep it close to earth-tones though. A desert skull is optional!

5. Little Crochet Pumpkin And Garland


Turn your pumpkin crochet project into cute DIY garlands. You don’t always have to decorate with real pumpkins. This way you can store them and keep them for future use.

6. DIY Gold Pumpkins


Gold makes things more attractive. Incorporate it into your pumpkin design with this DIY gold leaf dipped pumpkins tutorial and give your traditional fall decor a luxurious twist.

7. Arrow Pumpkins


Aren’t mini white pumpkins just cute? And, it gets even better because you only need a sharpie to make them cuter than ever. Enough reason to turn them into your next pumpkin decoration.

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8. Floral Pumpkin Garland


Not into crocheting? How about this: another version of pumpkin garland involving mini pumpkins and flowers? They’re fabulously beautiful hanging on your wall.

9. Bling Pumpkin


Add some bling to your pumpkin with just a few easy steps. All you’ll need is your glue gun to recreate this stylish bling pumpkin. Isn’t it exciting?

10. DIY Wood Pedestals


Decorating with pumpkins outside this fall? Well, it’s time for a little woodworking project to put your on-trend home decor on top of pedestals.

11. Tissue Paper Pumpkins


Okay, so these tissue paper pumpkins may be a bit party idea-related but I’m sure you can make it work. Life’s a party anyway, right?

12. Pumpkin Candle Holder


Can you imagine this on your table or anywhere else in your home? It will be amazing.

I can still think of other ways to use this lovely idea, too. A fall wedding perhaps?

13. DIY Pumpkin Vase Decor


Want a quick and easy pumpkin decoration? Grab a glass vase, some faux mini pumpkins, a few twigs, and you’re done. Ingeniously creative, right?

14. String Art Pumpkin


String art isn’t just for your wall. You can try it with your pumpkins too!

I think it will also be less of a challenge to do a string art pumpkin because it will be easier to stick those nails into your pumpkin.

15. Pumpkin Hoops


Decorate your home with a kid’s craft you can have them do in one afternoon. This will not only boost their creativity but also save you time and effort for your fall decoration.

Want to teach your kids some pumpkin decorating ideas? Check this video tutorial from WhatsUpMoms:

There are truly different ways to decorate your home with pumpkins. What’s important though is you stay true to your style and have fun doing it.

If you also want to start decorating with pumpkins, these DIY craft projects and pumpkin decorations for fall are great indeed. Make one or make all and make it a bonding experience for your whole family to enjoy!

Anyone has time to do #13, but what is your favorite? We’d love to hear what it is. Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 31, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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