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23 More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers

Feature | Man House Style | Cool Man Cave Decor And Furniture Ideas To Try This Week

Need man cave ideas on a budget for your ultimate man cave? If you feel like you don’t have a sanctuary in your home, why not make one? If you’re on the hunt the perfect space, these man cave ideas will help you out. From cool decor ideas to the best furniture, I’m sure you’ll find something to make a cool place you can call your own!

Must-Have Man Cave Ideas for the Ultimate Male Hangout!


1. DIY Mason Jar Chandelier


Your man cave will need some awesome lighting. Make this mason jar lighting project to brighten up your room. Click here to read more!

2. DIY Beer Coasters

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You’ll need ceramic glass tiles to make this happen, so grab some here. Make these DIY coasters by repurposing six-pack cardboard beer holders. Check the tutorial here.

3. DIY Rustic Pallet Headboard

 DIY Rustic Pallet Headboard | More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers | cheap man cave ideas
DIY Rustic Pallet Headboard Photo by DIY Projects

How about a pallet project for your man cave? Add a rustic touch to your room by making this DIY headboard. Click here to read more!

4. Cork Dartboard Cabinet

I can’t imagine a man cave without darts. Spare your wall the holes by making this DIY cork dartboard cabinet. Check the tutorial here.

5. Acid Stain Your Floor

Acid Stain Your Floor | More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers | small man cave ideas
How to Acid Stain a Concrete Floor Photo by DIY Projects

Have a stunning floor with acid stain. Impress your guests when you tell them that you acid-stained your own floor, but they may not believe you! Click here to read more.

6. Liquor Bottle Lamp

Put those empty liquor bottles to good use. Upcycle old bottles into desk lamps. How cool does this look? Click here for the tutorial!

7. DIY Ammo Crate Table

DIY Ammo Crate Table | More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers | man cave room decor
How To Make A Table From A Repurposed Army Ammo Crate Photo by DIY Projects

Here’s the perfect small man cave furniture piece. A simple army ammo crate would make a great DIY table for your man cave. Click here to read more!

8. The Kegerator

Keep your beer cold like it was refrigerated and flowing like it was straight from a keg. This would be a great addition to your man cave. Click here to get the tutorial.

9. Bombproof Pullup Bar

Bombproof Pullup Bar | More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers | ideas for man cave rooms
How To Make A Bombproof Pullup Bar | DIY Fitness Photo by DIY Projects

Now, your man cave shouldn’t just be all toys and beer; you have to stay fit too to avoid that beer belly. Make this awesome pullup bar from metal pipes! Click here to read more.

10. DIY Record Frame

If you’d like to add some wall art, make one by following these three easy steps.

11. Beer Bottle Shot Glass

So you’ve been making beer bottle glasses for your man cave and probably have been wondering what you can do with the top part of the bottle. Here’s a cool DIY to answer to that: beer bottle shot glasses. Check it out here.

12. DIY Giant Bean Bag

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What’s cooler than a bean bag? A giant bean bag, of course! See how you can make one here. Finding the filling for your bean bag can be a challenge, so I found some for you online. Grab yours here.

13. Upcycled Tire Coffee Table

Check out 23 More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers at

This is a great coffee table for multiple purposes. Not only is it cool, since it’s made out of an old tire, but you can also store a lot of stuff inside. Check out the tutorial here.

14. Football Field Rug

If you love football, then this rug is a must-have in your man cave. There’s nothing better than having this DIY rug and hosting the Super Bowl game day for your buddies. See how you can make one here.

15. Beverage Bar

Check out 23 More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers at

Just imagine: you’re eating with the guys and someone wants an ice cold beer. Who’s going to stand up and get it? No one! With this upcycled table, always have a cold beer within arm’s reach. Check it out here.

16. Pallet Wall

Check out 23 More Awesome Man Cave Ideas For Manly Crafts Lovers at

If you’re going rustic for your man cave, then don’t forget to make this pallet wall. It’s an awesome woodworking project you can make for just $20! See how here.

17. DIY Marquee

Sometimes guys just have to mark their territory. What better way than to have your initials in lights or to make a shining statement? See how you can make one here.

18. Leather Belt Shelves

Make hanging shelves out of leather belts! If you have old belts you’re not using anymore, this would be the perfect DIY project for that. Check the tutorial here.

19. Old Shirt Canvas

If you’re looking for easy and cheap man cave ideas, this is it! A quick and easy wall art project with old shirts. Just grab a canvas, stapler, and you’re good to go start hanging. See it here.

20. Sports Jersey Pillows

Pillows are either plain and boring, or too girly. Make a change! Make these cool sports jersey pillow from real jerseys. Check out the easy tutorial here.

21. DC Comic Coffee Table

This may be a hard project if you have a rare comic book collection. But you can also get old comic books at a thrift store and turn it into this cool DIY comic coffee table. See how here.

22. DIY Tire Foot Stool

So you still have more tires lying around? I found another upcycling project you can use them for. Make a DIY tire footstool. It’s super easy, although I’m sure you’d probably prefer it in a different color. Check the tutorial here.

23. Drum Pendant Lamp

If you’re a musician, you definitely need this in your man cave. See how you can make it here.


Have no room in the house for a man cave? Check out this video from Stoltzfus Structures and get inspiration for a man cave/garden storage shed:

In case you need more man cave ideas from our last post, these ideas should have you covered. I know that you’ll want more man cave stuff to add to make the ultimate man cave. That’s why I’m making this new collection of ideas that you can DIY. Make it your next cool DIY project!

Did you enjoy our list of man cave ideas? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these ideas for the ultimate man cave!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published 0n March 23, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. Diane says

    For the bean bag, why didn’t you keep the bag of beanies tied, and in tact from the store, and merely cut a lower corner of the bag and simply pour them into the bag that way? Position the plastic bag into the cushion, cut the corner, and let them pour in? If it was a matter of holdig the bean bag open, with so much material, I would have tied the cushion bag loose ends to anything that was around, using furniture, door knobs, chairs, whatever would allow me to tie the bag ends and to keep it open, while I snipped the corner of the beanie bag, and simply poured them into the cushion.


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