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34 Pottery Barn Hacks for DIY Designs on a Budget

Need some Pottery Barn hacks? If you’re obsessed with DIYs and Pottery Barn, we have the perfect list of design and home decor hacks for you. So whether you’re looking for DIY lighting ideas, crafts to add to your room decor, or DIY furniture with awesome storage additions, this list of Pottery Barn hacks has something for everyone. I’ve even included some kids bedroom ideas for that Pottery Barn look for less!

Pottery Barn Hacks and Decorating Ideas on a Budget!


1. Wooden Headboard Look-a-Like

DIY Pottery Barn Headboard | Pottery Barn Hacks for DIY Designs on a Budget
DIY Rustic Pallet Headboard Photo by DIY Projects

How could you not love the rustic charm of this DIY pallet headboard? Well, we do, so it tops our list.

2. DIY Rope Chandelier

Hang your DIY chandelier over the kitchen table or in a bedroom.

3. $5 Blanket Ladder Knock Off

Check out 34 Pottery Barn Hacks for DIY Designs on a Budget at

This DIY is only $5 and it achieves the same effect! Give your bathroom a makeover with this Pottery Barn blanket ladder knockoff.

4. Coffee Table with Storage Baskets

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Make this DIY pottery barn knock-off furniture for less. This DIY coffee table also offers awesome storage space–a wise use of prime living room real estate.

5. Mason Jar Pendant Light

Mason Jar Pendant Light | Pottery Barn Hacks for DIY Designs on a Budget | Pottery Barn Look For Less
Mason Jar Crafts | Vintage Pendant Lighting Photo by DIY Projects

Use Edison bulbs for a vintage glow. This mason jar pendant light is great for special occasions held outdoors.

6. Kids Storage Lockers

Check out 34 Pottery Barn Hacks for DIY Designs on a Budget at

Keep your kids’ clutter contained in these DIY Pottery Barn-inspired lockers.

7. Pottery Barn Inspired Storage Crates

Use these DIY storage crates to store blankets, games, and more. A little inspiration and effort will totally save you some bucks you can save for a vacation.

8. DIY Upholstered Headboard and Bed Frame

Check out 34 Pottery Barn Hacks for DIY Designs on a Budget at

Upholstering is made easy with this tutorial! Give your bedroom a makeover with this easy headboard hack.

9. Knock Off Clock Table

Time stands still on this DIY clock table. Hunt for a worn-down roundtable in estate auctions, garage sales, or local flea market for this DIY project.

10. Rope Wrapped Mirrors

These rope-wrapped mirrors are easy and a fraction of Pottery Barn’s price.

11. DIY Wine Bottle Sleeve

Stamp, embroider, or stencil a design on the cloth to make these DIY wine sleeves. A little goes a long way with DIY creativity and a little Pottery Barn inspiration.

12. Stackable Kitchen Crates

Keep your produce fresh and handy in these stackable fruit and vegetables wooden crates.

13. DIY Console Table

This Pottery Barn Knockoff DIY console table helps fill and organize small spaces.

14. Pottery Barn Painting How To

Apply these painting techniques to any DIY furniture project to get this famous Pottery Barn black finish!

15. Life-Sized Ruler

See how your kids measure up with this life-sized ruler. Now you don’t have to ruin a portion of your wall with this DIY growth chart.

16. Topiaries with Burlap

Add a little greenery to your home and make this DIY topiary decor from burlap sacks.

17. Sand Dollar Decor

Keep it coastal with this Pottery Barn-inspired DIY giant sand dollar decor.

18. Numbered Pillows Knock Off

Add some order to your pillows and living room decor with these number pillows.

19. Inexpensive Dinnerware Doppelgangers

Get the Pottery Barn-look for less with these lookalikes! Remember, shop wisely!

20. Outdoor Summer Lanterns

Give your patio a little romantic lighting. Use mason jars and this Pottery Barn inspiration to make these DIY summer lanterns.

21. Kid’s Oars Decor

Get this nautical bedroom decor for half the price with this Pottery Barn Kids DIY knockoff oar decor.

22. DIY Moss Letters

Spell out your favorite phrases or names with these DIY moss letters. If you love plants, this DIY project will hit close to home!

23. Kid’s Bed Fort

Create an awesome fortress for your little heroes and make this DIY clubhouse fort bed.

24. Sleigh Bed Look-a-Like

Get a dose of DIY comfort with this homemade sleigh bed.

25. Media Center Building Plans

Make this media center with these DIY building plans.

26. Triple Tiered Tray

Use this triple-tiered tray for finger foods at a party, as makeup storage, or to organize your craft supplies.

27. Decorative Balls

Make this easy decorative balls decor for around your home.

28. Scoreboard for Boy’s Baseball Bedroom

Make this scoreboard for the sports lover in your family.

29. Easy Jute Placemats

These inexpensive and easy DIY placemats will keep your table pretty and protected.

30. Glass Bottle Lamp

Light up your life a little with this DIY lamp.

31. DIY Writing Desk

Get some inspiration for your writing while sitting at this DIY desk.

32. Pottery Barn Inspired Clock

It only takes a little time to save a lot with this DIY decor project.

33. DIY iPad Holder

Keep your recipes within easy view with this kitchen addition–a DIY iPad display.

34. Dollar Store Mirror Look-a-Like

Even though it’s made from Dollar Store supplies, this mirror looks like a million bucks.


Watch this video from Chas’ Crazy Creations for a Pottery Barn mirror hack:

We all want the look from the Pottery Barn catalogs, but the price tag holds us back many times. With these DIY Pottery Barn hacks, projects, and craft ideas, you can get the same beautifully simple and rustic home decor at a fraction of the price!

Did you enjoy our list of Pottery Barn hacks? Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on these DIY room decor and craft ideas.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 5, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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