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15 DIY Teen Room Decor Projects

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Jazz up a teen’s room with these awesome DIY teen room decor projects. I have to warn you though, these ideas are totally simple and creative, and your greatest challenge will be trying not to do all of them at once!

DIY Teen Room Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Every teen’s dream is to make their room picture-perfect. It can be a challenging task – as some teens get inspired to change their room decor on a regular basis and parents will have a hard time keeping up. So the best thing to do is to educate yourself on the art of DIY room decor. Not only do you get to create some wonderful things — lighting, wall art, even chairs — you’ll have a blast spending quality DIY time together. Let’s get started and have an enjoyable time decorating your teen’s room.


1. Bedroom String Lights With Origami Paper Lanterns

These bedroom string lights with origami paper lanterns are among of the prettiest things I’ve come across. I love how easy it is to make it. It’s a great room decor to hang anywhere you want to create a wonderful dreamy effect.


2. DIY Dreamcatcher

Give your teens the gift of DIYing! These fascinating DIY dreamcatcher ideas provide your teens all the inspiration they need for a unique creation.


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3. DIY String Art

DIY String Art | DIY Teen Room Decor Projects
image via DIY Projects

String wall art is popping all over the web right now. It’s easy to work with, inexpensive, light weight, and the possibilities are limitless! I’m sure once you try this wonderful craft, you won’t stop creating a new design.


4. Fabric Wall Art

Fabric’s versatility will instantly add a splash of texture, pattern, and color to any space. So, grab some fabric that suits your teen’s unique taste and make a fabric wall art showcasing your teen’s one-of-a-kind style.


5. Honeycomb Hexagon Wall

This honeycomb hexagon wall is great fun to do for your girls’ bedroom wall and makes a whimsical addition to their space. The outcome is fun and playful and really brightens up the room!


6. DIY Disco Ball Pinata

Teen’s room should be nothing but fun. Give this kitschy DIY disco ball pinata a try and I’m sure your teen will be ecstatic to see such cool decor hanging in her room.


7. DIY Hammock Chair

I would say, this DIY hammock chair is one of the coolest room decors ever. A great reading nook for your teens! Make sure to go big with the color choices and get creative with the hammock chair canvas.



8. Doily Lamp

Give your old doily a little facelift – and what better way to do it than by highlighting its unique patterns on a lamp. Another lighting project that is so easy and frugal, but truly gives the room a warm atmosphere.


9. DIY Decorative Box Charging Station

Let your teens design his/her gadget charging station and make sure to work in some crafting magic for the cord storage. Recreate or let this DIY decorative box charging station be an inspiration.


10. Tie-Dye Pillowcase

This is one of my favorite DIY teen room decor projects because it’s very fun to make with a stunning finish. It gives a creative statement to any room and it’s practically foolproof!


11. Upcycled Thrift Store Bench

This wonderful upcycling idea of a modern geometric patterned bench could become a cute vanity bench in your teen’s room. It can be customized with any fabric of your liking.


12. Selfie Tween/Teen Instagram Hangout Wall DIY

A great idea when you want to make a dull and ordinary bedroom into a tween/teen hangout room. Now you know what to do with those perfect selfies!


13. DIY Flower Lights

If origami is not your thing, then spruce up your string lights with some colorful flowers. These DIY flower lights are made out of colored cupcake wrappers to jazz up string lights. It’s a simple DIY to make a room shine without being pricey. Love it!


14. Washi Tape Frame

Washi tape is no longer just a basic crafting supply. If you want to be clever and creative this washi tape frame is a must-try for your teen’s room wall. Simply pick the perfect wall art or images, then, use some washi tape for an inexpensive frame.


15. Painted Votives

Beautifully painted votives make awesome statement pieces for room decor if you create several of them with a little variation of patterns. You can add glowing LED flames or tealight candles and make a space for them on a shelf or side table.


House of Valentina shows us some AWESOME DIY teen room decor ideas. Wish I was a teen so I could do them myself!

That’s all folks for these DIY teen room decor projects! I hope you got the inspiration you need with these cool projects for your teen’s room and get started making your DIY bedroom ideas a reality.

Love these DIY teen room decor ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in January 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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