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How To Design Your Home With Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hangings are back! It's now the latest craze in interior designs. Try checking the latest magazine, and you'll see cafes, hotels, and model apartments are decorated with these wall hangings. Macrame decors simply make your place feel extra classy and cozy.

Did you also know these wall hangings are versatile? Aside from being a home decor, they can also be used as backdrops for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties, and practically any party that involves a boho vibe! Not only that, making your own macrame wall hanging is totally doable and well worth the time and effort! Read on and find some inspirations below.

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17 Inspiring Macrame Wall Hangings Ideas For Your Home

#13 Will Blow Your Mind!

Trends come and go, but eventually make a huge comeback years later. Take the late 1970's macrame trend. I've noticed anything macrame popping up everywhere. I've even just visited this bohemian cafe and they had beautifully crafted macrame wall hangings. And that's when I started wondering how to create it myself. It really is as complicated as it looks. All those knots and decorative patterns! Just with some practice, I'm sure we'll be able to get the hang of it! In fact, I'm now learning the basic macrame knots.

Whether you're here for ideas that you need to refresh your apartment, bedroom, or event decor, you are certainly in the right place. And if you're getting married anytime soon, continue reading this post! These macrame wall hangings are the ultimate bohemian wedding accessory! These wall hangings work like magic every time. So be sure to add these decor on your list.


1. Modern Headboard Macrame Wall Hanging

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Looking for a headboard to refresh your apartment, condo, or even your room? Turn to this macrame wall hanging for a surprisingly sophisticated finishing touch. First on the list is this modern-made macrame wall hanging that will surely give your room a bohemian fix.


2. Boho Macrame

This inspiration design of Boho Macrame wall hanging looks superb outdoor. This is great on your covered patio.


3. Black Macrame Wall Hanging

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This contemporary macrame design is just classy even in pure black color. It looks sophisticated and stands out with the other elements of the room.



4. Necklace Macrame Wall Hanging

This macrame geometric design is called “Necklace.” The design is quite obvious. It's made from natural cotton cord. I think I'll be hanging this in my office, if I'll make one.


5. Giant Owl Macrame Wall Hangings

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These giant Owl Macrame wall hangings were showcased in the Superflagship store of Sportsgirl Bourke Street. Though this is an awe-inspiring macrame masterpiece, you can make a similar design from Olgas macrame.


6. Macrame Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

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I super love dream catchers! It is said that you can hang these right above your bed to prevent you from having nightmares. I'm so glad I discovered this. Projects like these make me want to go to knotting school! Meanwhile, check out  this tutorial to see how it was made!




7. Schofield Macrame Wall Hanging

This is another design made by the one and only Sally England. If you love macrame wall hangings, then you'll turn to her for inspirations. She's truly famous when it comes to large-scale modern macrame. This Schofield Macrame Wall Hanging is made out of cotton rope,cotton twine, hemp, and wool.


8. Bali Contemporary Macrame Wall Hanging

While most macrame wall hangings are displayed in bedrooms and living rooms, this Bali contemporary design is perfect for your bathroom. Isn't it relaxing to have this hung beside your bathtub?


9. Safi Macrame Wall Hanging

This over-sized macrame wall hanging can be used as a wall decor or window curtain. Your choice. Its fringed statements bring out the sophisticated Moroccan style.


10. Minimalist Headboard Macrame Wall Hanging

Design matters! This looks similar to item number one. It's because this gorgeous minimalist design is taken from Ace Hotel of Portland. Guess who made this macrame wall hanging? The famous fabric artist Sally England! Looks like, for a newbie, the alternating square knots will do in this design.


11. Versatile White Cotton Macrame Wall Hanging

This is another Macrame wall hanging you can use as window valance or headboard. This is also perfect for a wedding backdrop.


12. Beaded Macrame Wall Hanging

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I think you'll agree with me this is the easiest design to recreate. For a newbie, this would definitely be the first Macrame DIY project. In fact, this is also a perfect homemade gift for Christmas or birthdays.


13. Giant Macrame Chandelier

Yep! This is not a macrame wall hanging. But isn't this Giant Macrame Chandelier super cool? The minute I saw this on Pinterest, I was like “Woaaah! I want to have that!” And yes, we can definitely make one! Natalie Miller is just so generous to show us how. But of course, I'll just make a minute version of hers.


14. Ornamental Iron Macrame Wall Hanging

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This is an excellent idea if you have distressed ornamental metal you've been keeping in your garage. Instead of buying a wooden or iron dowel, recycle your old metal headboard or footboard for your macrame wall hangings. I think vintage snowflake design will be a good alternative.


15. Dip-Dye Macrame Wall Hanging

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White is always classic, but it wouldn't hurt to dye the tips of your Macrame wall hanging for chic design. And, I think this is what will make your own macrame wall hanging designs unique. Don't be afraid to add your personal touch.


16. Wave Macrame Wall Hanging

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Macrame wall hangings are also ideal for dining rooms. Take for example this wave design. It looks superior in this dining area.


17. Wedding Macrame Wall Hanging

Minimalist but dainty, that's all I can say! I love elaborate wedding backdrop, yet this one is elegant in its own right. You can make it as a church backdrop, reception, prenuptial or photobooth– you'll never go wrong. If I were to get married again, I'd choose this macrame wall hanging too.


Need extra help making your first macrame wall hanging? Watch Crafty Ginger perform a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it!

What do you think of this macrame wall hanging trend? I like how simple knots turn into something delicate and decorative! Go ahead and give these Macrame wall hanging ideas a shot! Start with the simple macrame patterns.

I can't stress enough how much I love #13! Yes, technically it's not a wall hanging, but I can always modify. So, which one was yours? Share it with me in the comments section below. Happy knotting!

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