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DIY Macrame Necklace with Stone and Beads | DIY Jewelry

What is Macrame? Macrame is the art of tying cordage into knots in a way that they form a useful or decorative shape. If you love crafting & do it yourself ideas then macrame is absolutely interesting that you can give a try. You’ll definitely feel proud of your craftsmanship and it’s gratifying once you are done with your DIY project. In this DIY project from Macrame School, you will learn how to make a DIY macrame necklace with stone and beads. It looks a bit complicated and difficult but you’ll be amazed on how easy it is to make. You’ll love this vintage and classy DIY necklace which you can wear with your party dress on special occasions or even on a basic tee.


You’ll need the following:

  • 2 knotting cords – both 160 cm (length)
  • 1 knotting cord – 120 cm (length)
  • 8 knotting cords – all with 90 cm (length)
  • 6 big beads about 9mm
  • 28 smaller beads about 5mm
  • Stone (2.5 x 3.5 cm)


Step 1

Take 2 x 60 cm knotting cords. Fold it in half, pull the loop through, fold it over, and pull the rest of the cord through the loop.

Step 2

Place 2 pins on each cord to have it ready for step 3.

Step 3

Add the 120 cm knotting cord and tie a knot on the left part. Pull the knot up just beside the pin.

Step 4

Attach the end of it to the right part of the cord and tie it. Bring it up near the right pin.

Step 5

Repeat the same process until you have made it long enough to hold the stone.

Step 6

To make sure, roll the stone on its side from the tip of the knot until you reach its end.

Step 7

Wrap the stone around with the knotted cord and secure it on its end.

Step 8

Add 3 cords (90cm) on each side and should look like the photo below.

Step 9

Add a 90cm cord. Fold it in half and tie a knot. Repeat tying the knots until it reaches the half of the stone. Follow the same step on the other side of the stone. It should look like the picture below.

Step 10

Starting from the middle going out, start tying knots with wider gaps as you tie them downwards one by one. When you reach the last cord, insert 2 beads. Follow the same step on the other side of the stone.

Step 11

Tie the knots from the lower bead going down forming knots of diamond just like the picture above.

Step 12

As you reach the middle, cut one of the cords.

Step 13

Insert the 2 middle cords in a bead and tie a knot to secure the bead in the middle. Repeat steps 10-13 until you reach this point like the picture below.

Step 14

Continue tying knots until you reach the middle. Cut one of each cords and tie the knot again.

Step 15

Tie the remaining cords altogether and cut them except one string. Finish off by burning the tips to secure the knot.

Step 16

Repeat the same exact steps on the second half of the necklace to complete the jewelry piece.

Step 17

To create the lock, start by making a clasp with a square knot.

Step 18

Insert a bead in-between knots on each cord to serve as lock for the necklace. In that way you can adjust the length of the necklace with the square knot you created in the previous step.


And there you have it! You’ve just made your own fabulous Macrame Necklace with stone and beads. It’s not that difficult, right? You just need to familiarize the steps and techniques plus you only need to devote your time to complete your DIY macrame project. I hope you enjoy this jewelry making idea.


Happy DYI-ing, everyone!


Check this video below for the full tutorial:



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  1. I really like these tutorials and would love it if you would put a print function on here that would allow a clean copy to be printed that might not take up so much paper and ink. It’s not possible often to stay on one site for the length of time it would take to make something. Thank you

  2. I, too, like your tutorials. Tell Cheryl that I’ve found most web pages can be copied and pasted into Word for cleanup before printing.

    The Macrame Necklace is beautiful and I’d like to make one. I do, however, have some questions. Instructions say to make a knot. What kind of knot? What are the steps for the knot? A blowup sketch or picture of the knot just before tightening would be helpful. The diamonds enclosing the six larger beads appear to get smaller moving away from stone. Is this a decrease in number of knots? What is the starting count and how much is the decrease? For the section that goes around the stone, how does one keep the spacing between the two rows of knots consistent? Should one work around a rod or knitting needle that can be removed when done?

    • Hi Trish! We’re happy that you like our tutorials. The video at the bottom of the post can be helpful to your questions. Enjoy! Happy crafting.


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