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Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh

Halloween decorations | Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh | Featured

Want to go over the top with Halloween decorations and projects? Go all out this year by making this super creepy DIY fake marsh, indoors!

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Halloween Decorations and Projects? Make a DIY Marsh

Go Big with Halloween Decorations and Projects this Year!

Looking for scary indoor Halloween decorating ideas online, I came upon this fancy inspiration–going all out by mixing and matching different Halloween decor ideas. I also have limited outdoor space so, why not bring the outdoors in, with this eerie, and delightfully spooky, Halloween marsh.

It’s perfect for ushering your guests to your party! Line the walkway with this ghastly marsh scene for an atmosphere your guests will remember with a shiver.

If you must go over the top with your Halloween decorations this year, look no further and check out this DIY Halloween project. Now, let’s get this Halloween DIY project started, then!

What You Will Need for a DIY Halloween Indoor Marsh:

Halloween supplies | Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh

  • Peat moss (garden/hardware store)
  • 2 bags of Spanish moss (Michael’s Crafts)
  • Green moss (Search the woods if you can!  Otherwise, Michael’s Crafts)
  • Disposable paint trays
  • Plastic “terra cotta” pot base (pictured under the disposable paint trays)
  • Brown plastic tarp (find a nice muddy brown color)
  • Battery operated push lights + batteries
  • Ziplock bags
  • Foam skulls (Michael’s Crafts)
  • White flour
  • Fake crows (Dollar Store)
  • Fake greenery (Dollar Store/Michael’s Crafts)
  • Scissors
  • Box fan
  • Water pitcher
  • Green lightbulbs
  • Fog machine
  • Marsh sounds on an iPod

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Instructions to Make a DIY Marsh Halloween Decor:

Step 1. Prep Your Fake Marsh Site

Brown tarp | Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh

Spread your tarp out in the area you want to create your marsh. Notice the muddy brown color is creating the base for our watery “marsh” look.

Step 2. Set Up Your Fake Marsh

Set up fake marsh | Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh

Dig into the peat moss bag and start spreading the dirt along the sides of the path where you want your guests to walk.  If you want the entire tarp to be one big marsh, cover it all with dirt.

I simply wanted a marshy border on the side of the path into the party, so I spread dirt along the sides of the “road”. Keep in mind you’ll want to leave a non-dirt area for your guests to walk across (if you’re creating a marsh path), otherwise, they’ll track dirt in onto your carpet and floors.

Step 3. Prep Your Lighting

Halloween lighting | Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh

Pop batteries into those push lights and bag them up in ziplock bags.  They are going to be getting dirty, and even wet, so it’s quick and easy to protect them in ziplock bags.

Step 4. Set Up the Skull

Set up the skull | Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh

Take your round terra cotta pot base (note, mine does not have a hole in the bottom), and fill it with water. Now take the white flour (just regular old baking flour) and mix it into the water to create an eerie cloudy look.

Liquid fabric softener also works wonders to create a long-lasting foggy water effect, however, flour is a quick, cheap alternative. Once you’ve set up your water, float a skull on top of the surface.

Step 5. Arrange the Accessories

Arrange the fake marsh | Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh

Keep arranging things to your liking, making sure to do the following:

  • Nestle the push lights into the moss so it will shine eerily through
  • Drape the moss over the edges of the paint trays (which are full of water + flour)
  • Stick the hands out from eerie places
  • Alternate using Spanish moss and green moss throughout for an organic look

Finishing Touches + Accessories

Skull marsh | Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh

  • Greenlight bulbs will create a dark, sickly glow in the room
  • Turning a box fan on and wafting the breeze across the marsh will make the skeletal heads in the watery bog-patches drift and float around – very creepy!
  • Using a fog machine to create low-lying fog can really enhance the look!
  • Hook an iPod to some speakers and play marsh sounds for a shiver-inducing ambiance.

Watch this video from Where the Gnomes Live, on how to make a spooky tree you can add to your DIY indoor marsh:

Now you know what to do this year if you want something spookier and creepier with your Halloween decorations and projects. These kinds of scary Halloween decoration ideas might even give you or your guests the jitters if you try harder with your accessories.

Do you have a few more cool ideas to add to this DIY Halloween decoration idea? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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Halloween Decorations And Projects | DIY Indoor Marsh |

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 29, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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