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25 Cute But Creepy Halloween Décor Ideas To Increase Your BOO Factor

Looking for some cute but creepy Halloween decor? Read on and turn your home into the most creatively decorated house on the block!

Get your home ready and add some fright to your Halloween decor this year! Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, I found some cute but creepy Halloween decor ideas that I will certainly be using this year. Check them out!

Halloween Décor Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and I enjoy Halloween décor as much as many DIYers, which is to say it's one of my favorite holidays! Whether you throw a Halloween party, or just want to impress the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, let out your creative and creepy side to create some amazing and fun displays of weirdness. Enjoy having the most impressive house on the block!

I've compiled this list of amazing DIY cute but creepy Halloween decorations for your enjoyment. Check out this list and get started with your Halloween décor! Boo!

25 Cute But Creepy Halloween Décor Ideas

1. Haunted Tree

Make your home come alive with this spooky craft. Complete the ambiance and draw more attention by putting a speaker near the tree and playing your favorite eerie music.

2. Fire Breathing Dragon Halloween Pumpkin

Jack o’ lanterns are vital Halloween decorations. Apply chemical know-how to make it breathe smoke and red fire! See how it’s done here.

3. Head in a Jar

Totally creepy! Imagine the look on your family member's face when they open the refrigerator and discover this inside!

Free Group T-Shirt
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4. Boo Bottles

Raid your recycle bin to create these glass ghosts in just 4 easy steps.

5. Front Door Mummy

Create that spooky, but cute, first impression with this super creative five-minute Halloween door DIY project. See the full tutorial here.

6. Bloody Table Runner

Turn your Halloween party into a much more festive celebration with this so-simple-its-insane DIY idea.

7. DIY Spider Sack

Use these cheap yarn spider webs to decorate light fixtures, drape over curtains, or hang from a railing. See how it's done here.

8. Spooky Glowing Eyes

Freak out everyone passing by your home with these bright glowing eyes peeking out behind bushes or under plants in your garden!

9. Mason Jar Jack-o-Lanterns

Enjoy spooky centerpieces by creating that cool and trendy decoration that’s truly cost-friendly and effortless to achieve.

10. Floating Head Hanging Ghost

Super easy to make and provide a creepy element to the Halloween fever. Watch your haunting Halloween view come alive by hanging these homemade ghosts from tree branches or porch railings.

11. DIY Bloody Handprint Window Clings

An amazing Halloween craft on a budget that will give your home that unique looking bloody hand print with fake blood drops that make it even more creepy.


12. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Give your guests a festive welcome with these wonderful illuminated ghost garland lights resting on your porch. This is a cute and simple idea you can do with the kids! View tutorial here.

13. Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Adorn your walls with these wonderful and inexpensive Trash Bag Spiderwebs, with which you can create a festive Halloween look without the scary price!

14. Monster Doors

A perfect way to vitalize your front door for the trick-or-treat Halloween party. Check it out here.

15. Bats

Add the spooky feel of Halloween to your home by putting some creepy flying bats over the exterior or the interior walls of your house.

16. Paper Mice Halloween Decorations

These paper mice decorations are sure to add that scary factor to your décor while giving your little ones a crafty project to do! Caution: I hope no one trips down the stairs after getting frightened!

17. Spirit Jugs

Spice up your space with spooky spirit by adding this remarkably spectacular display of lights made out of recycled old milk jugs.

18. Spooky Eyeball Wreath

A creepy wreath that will greet your trick-or-treaters in a one-of-a-kind display to add some fright to your front door. Check it out here.

19. Glow in the Dark Mason Jars

Turn regular glass jars turned into something simply magical that will make your party space or the porch stunningly spooky!  See the full tutorial here.


20. Cheesecloth Spirits

Summon these horrifying Cheesecloth spirits with free-flowing bodies to your party space and ensure that haunted feel to your decor! View the full tutorial here.

21. DIY Snow White’s Poison Apple

Revive that legendary poison apple from the tale of Snow White with this poison apple with a gooey devil face. This decoration is truly haunting with its freaky appearance.

22. Haunted House Silhouettes

Set up frightening shadows that suggest to the passers-by outside that something fishy is going on the other side of the walls! Transform your house into a haunted house that can make your Halloween memorable for years. See how it’s done here.

23. Monster Garage Teeth

Transform your garage door into a big freaky creature and introduce some monster magic to your house! Check it out here.

24. Paper Bag Lights

In just a few minutes, add that popping element of light to your home or to the walkway to guide guests into your Halloween party. See how it's done here.

25. Mummy Jars

No need for an overflowing budget or being the queen of crafts for this one! Enjoy that Halloween spirit with these DIY Mummy Jars lighting up your home with re-purposed jars.


You certainly don't need to do them all, but with just a few of these fun ideas, you will be able to transform your loving home into a house of horror for the Halloween season! BOO!


Are you up for another Cute But Creepy Halloween Décor idea? Check this video from Julia Zelg : Creepy Cute Halloween Decorations ‪#‎VideosEveryDay

Did you enjoy our list of Cute But Creepy Halloween Décor? Let us know below in the comments.


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