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How to Install Your Own Carpet+Video Tutorial

Install Your Own Carpet and save on the high cost for professional carpet installation. Keep in mind though that this process does take some time and know how in order to DIY. We have an easy tutorial along with a video to help you with this project.

How to Install a Carpet

The tutorial below on how to install a carpet is courtesy of I’ll provide some of the first few steps to get you started and then you can check out their website for the complete tutorial. We’ve alos listed all the important tools and materials that you’ll need to complete this project. If you’re still unsure you can also check out the video tutorial below.

Install Your Own Carpet

Tools and Materials needed

  • Vacuum
  •  Work gloves
  •  Safety glasses
  •  Utility knife
  •  1 ½-inch screws (if needed)
  •  Tackless strips
  •  Underlay
  •  Stapler
  •  Duct tape
  •  Measuring tape
  •  Chalk line
  •  Seam cutter
  •  Seam tape
  •  Seaming iron
  •  Rolling pin (or rental seam roller)
  •  Knee pads
  •  Knee kicker
  •  Power stretcher
  •  Wall trimmer
  •  Stair tool
  •  Door edge strip

Step 1-Determine and measure the Area of the room

The key is to first measure the longest walls in your room, then  multiply the length and width, and divide by 9. This is to determine the square yardage. To allow for errors or  irregularities its best to add 10 percent.


Check out the complete, step by step tutorial on how to Install Your Own Carpet provided here and be sure to leave us feedback below !

Video Tutorial

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