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Easy DIY backyard Ideas for Summer

Backyard Ideas for the summer, we’ve got some great ones you can try out. The kids will be home, you might have family over and different times and you want to spruce up your backyard for those family BBQs and summer parties. Check out these DIY backyard Ideas you can try right now!

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Quite sure the kids will be playing in the pool all summer long; the summer heat calls for it. You can give them the complete beach experience by making them there very own sandbox. The one shown here is from Design dining and diapers, and the cover gives it a cool tepee vibe while protecting your little ones from the sun. See tutorial here

Backyard Playhouse

Backyard Fence Ideas

The fanciest playhouse you’ll see all summer, and the best part is that its not just for the kids. The kid at heart, at any age can enjoy this cool creation designed by  Jamin and Ashley Mills. This two-story backyard hideaway has screen doors, display shelves and a hammock; it even has a trap door on the second floor.

Personalized plants


This one is not for the 5 minute crafter; it will take longer than that. However, if you can actually recreate this you will feel totally accomplished and your backyard will be better for it. You can check out the full tutorial here

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

Outdoor Lounge

Backyard Fence Ideas

Liz Marie can show you how to transform an ugly outdoor space into a trendy outdoor lounge. Check out her tutorial on her blog here


Grill Set Holder

Backyard Fence Ideas

Lil Luna made her very own grill set holder, and lets be honest, we’ll be doing  alot of grilling this summer. You can see her step by step tutorial here

We hope these summer backyard craft ideas were helpful,share your comments with us below.

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