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Build This Simple And Affordable Work Bench in 60 Minutes

This is the perfect DIY project for DIY beginners, or for DIY experts whose work bench has come to toll. A sturdy and comfortable work bench is the very foundation of all things great that you will produce inside your work room. Make one in a very simple and cheap way by following our tutorial here in DIYProjects.


Build This Simple And Affordable Work Bench in 60 Minutes

A 60-Minute Tutorial To a Simple, Cheap, But Sturdy Work Bench

A DIY enthusiast like you should have proper space and materials in order to perfectly nail your projects. Having a stable work bench that you are comfortable to work with will totally create the difference. Here, we will show you how to create a simple, cheap work bench: less cost, less time and less hassle to make. Check out the steps, and what you will need below:


  • 1 X Bench top (1200mm X 600mm)
  • 2 X 1200mm (Bench frame)
  • 2 X 540mm (Bench Frame Ends)
  • 4 X 980mm (Legs) Choose your own lengths based on desired height
  • 2 X 600mm (Leg Supports)


  • Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Clamps
  • Square


1. Mark the lengths

Lay out up to two 1200 mm lengths, then mark and square two more pieces at 540 mm.

2. Cut to length

Cut to the desired length then clean up the ends with a file or sand paper.

3. Check measurements

Test fit it all together and check your measurements again.

4. Assemble the base

Use a corner clamp to support your frame. Drill some pilot holes and then drive in two screws. Repeat the process on each corner and make sure its perfectly square. You may use glue for extra strength. This is the base of your work bench.

5. Measure and make the legs

Determine how high would you want your bench and then minus the thickness of the bench top. That's how long you need to make your legs. Put the legs in place, plant them onto the frame and make sure they're square. Drill some holes and drive in screws. Next, turn it on the side to add support beam onto the legs. Measure 300mm up each leg and cut two pieces that are 600mm long.

6. Assemble bench top

Square up and mark the bench top at 600mm and clamp it on your frame to be ready to be cut. Cut with your saw (hand saw or circular saw). Screw the top down onto the frame. Sand your work bench for a smooth finish.

Voila! A 60-minute work bench is done!


Here's the full video of the project. Watch it to make your very own simple work bench:

Finding the perfect work bench in the market is tasking, and not to mention expensive. Making one by yourself will help you save money and the amount of searching-time by simply adding personal touches of what you would want in a work bench and following our tutorial to ensure its stability. This DIY Project is essential and can be done in as short as 60 minutes. What more could you ask for?

A simple and sturdy work bench will be a great support for your work. Make yours in such a short period of time! Click here for more DIY inspirations.

For more work bench plans just do visit and get some ideas on diy's.


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