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Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks

DIY dollhouse furniture has really evolved over the years. These days these items look very similar to many modern, million dollar homes.  The key is to make everything look as real as possible. And the great thing is that the entire family will enjoying creating  DIY dollhouse furniture. Read on for some great dollhouse furniture hacks!

DIY Dollhouse Furniture

DIY  dollhouse furniture is the best way to create the dollhouse of your child’s dreams; if it doesn’t look realistic they’ll notice immediately. You don’t have to be a pro to create a fantastic dollhouse, you just need to know where the source the best furniture and how to make the ones you can afford to buy. Check out these Diy dollhouse furniture hacks!


Dollhouse Furniture -The Desk

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Built with a miniature hipster vibe this tiny little desk is a great addition to any dollhouse. It’s super small and quaint and comes in IKEA like packaging. You even have to put it together to set it up, it comes packaged but not together as one unit, meaning you can move it around as you would move any piece of furniture and it fits right in without an issue. It looks like a desk anyone might have in their house or apartment.

Dollhouse Furniture – The Kitchen

Check out Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks at

The kitchen set is small and quaint, with authentic metal looking stools and shelves. Modern and easily adaptable to any dollhouse. You can move and arrange your kitchen as you see fit, and even complete it with a cute woven drop. Adding this kitchen to your dollhouse makes the dollhouse seem less 1950’s and more like a modern 2018 home. The kitchen is the central location for the home, and therefore the central location for the dollhouse.

Dollhouse Furniture – The Bed Linen

Check out Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks at

Beds come in all shapes and sizes but the hardest thing to find is linen that isn’t seriously outdated or plain. Finding a cute design for blankets to put on the bed in the dollhouse can be extremely difficult, but once in a blue moon you happen upon fabric that’s this cute. Without the covers, sheets and pillows any bed would look unrealistic and bland but with these additions there is very little to suggest blandness in this dollhouse.

Dollhouse Furniture – Bunk Bed

If you’re child was raised with siblings, or even a large enough room they may be accustomed to a bunk bed. In that case you might want to add a bunk bed to their dollhouse instead of a regular bed. With the bunk beds you can create a more realistic, or even more desirable room than the one that they currently have. Bunk beds are amazing additions to any home, even if that home is just a tiny dollhouse.

Dollhouse Furniture – Living Room

Check out Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks at

It’s hard to find living room dollhouse pieces that aren’t raw plastic. This living room pulls together a modern living room complete with a fabric couch, picture frames, coffee table plant and even a light. With a wide variety of dollhouse furniture out there it’s always better to have homemade and different pieces. Update the old dollhouses with this cute and sleek living room. The living room is known as a communal area where people come together and spend time with one another, it’s only sensible for the area to look a lot like its right from a modern day home. Or else it won’t be recognizable at all. Making a do it yourself living room doesn’t have to be difficult, and can bring some charm to your new dollhouse.

Dollhouse Furniture – Décor:

Check out Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks at

Most people don’t think décor isn’t a part of the everyday furniture, when in reality without décor, your house and dollhouse are both completely empty. It’s frustrating to try to put together these teeny tiny pieces, especially without a template. These layouts are amazing and can be altered to project the likes of your young one. Superheros, dolls, colors, and more you can make your own décor specifically for your little one or your home.

Dollhouse Furniture – Art Cart

Check out Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks at

This little art cart is an amazing addition to your budding artists dollhouse. They can imagine what they’ll be when they grow up, and will be able to move the cart throughout their dollhouse as they see fit. A great way to inspire while still being realistic. Showing them modern pieces and allowing them to envision a realistic home. A wonderful addition to almost any dollhouse; and check out this tutorial 

Dollhouse Furniture  – The Bathroom:

This little bathtub paired with appropriate décor makes for a cute and stylish modern bathtub. Unlike the plain cardboard or plastic pieces that come with pre made dollhouses. This helps turn the dollhouse bathroom into a real looking bathroom, a place like none other, and helps your little one think of a bathroom as it’s supposed to be thought of.

Dollhouse Furniture – Queen Bed

Check out Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks at

This bed is massive for a dollhouse bedroom, designed to mirror a regular queen bed it’s a perfect addition to any dollhouse, and with a little skill shouldn’t be difficult to patch together. Doing it yourself is less expensive than buying the build kit, which is over 45 dollars after shipping and handling, you can easily put in your own work and put together a similar sized queen bed that looks great. You can customize it as needed to fit it in your dollhouse as well, making it more convenient.

Do it Yourself – Ghost Chair

Chairs are necessary additions to any home, so why wouldn’t we include them in a dollhouse? These ghost chairs are simple to make and with their dark paint they can easily be incorporated into just about any dollhouse no matter the theme without disturbing the look you’re going for. Black goes with almost anything, and these chairs are perfect for a tiny kitchen table.

Do it Yourself – Drawers and bookshelves:

Drawers and Bookshelves are great storage spaces, and of course your little ones dolls and imaginary friends are going to need to have places to store their things. Nightstands and bookshelves are a necessary addition that makes it clear that you have attention to detail. Without them your dollhouse will look and feel incomplete. It’s very important to ensure that these pieces are in line with your theme and can pair up with the look you’re trying to get for the little house.

Dollhouse Furniture – Rugs


Every house feels warmer with floor rugs place about the house. If you want your dollhouse to feel like a real home than you’ll need to take a look at the possibly need to add the floor rugs to your little home. Dollhouses should be small renditions of real homes, and they haven’t been updated in year’s floor rugs of course used to be painted on, but now you can make rugs that can be moved from room to room.

Do it Yourself – Console Table

Check out Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks at

This black matte console table is an interesting addition to any dollhouse, you can place it up against any wall, and being able to move it from room to room gives you an infinite amount of design options. You can always add a little bit of sleekness with this table by switching up the frames or other additions. This keeps the room fresh and constantly changing to ensure maximum fun with the dollhouse.

Dollhouse Furniture – Footstools

Your little ones dolls need places to put their feet while they’re lounging right? These cute little footstools are simple to make out of bottle caps and look super comfortable. Adorable and not locked in place or painted on it makes for a neat addition to any dollhouse that a lot of people overlook. Instead of overlooking this addition put it in, it only takes a few minutes to make an impression on your little one.

Do it Yourself – Clothes Rack

This do it yourself clothing rack is a cute addition to any dollhouse. It’s small and quaint and you can even create the clothes hangers to hang and organize all the dolls clothing. Once they’re all hung up and organized properly you’ll be able to settle it where you want it in your dollhouse without any difficulties at all. The clothes rack is important because you’ll need to be able to see the clothing available to you or your little one depending on what the dollhouse is for.

Dollhouse Furniture – Refrigerator


The refrigerator has become an essential part of the kitchen, even more so than a kitchen table mostly because of the fact that they’re used to store and sustain frozen items. Which means that your dollhouse should be as close to the real world as possible. This tutorial should help you recreate this DIY dollhouse furniture.

Do it Yourself – Toilets

When it comes to bathrooms finding an easy way to make a toilet that appears realistic. Toilets are pretty simple to make when it comes to making a do it yourself toilet. These toilets are quick simple and super easy to make with little more than used parts around the house. These toilets look realistic and interesting while not being difficult at all. Check out this one from Lansdownelife.

Dollhouse Furniture – Cabinets

Check out Ikea DIY Dollhouse Furniture Hacks at

Cabinets are additions to kitchens and laundry areas that allow more storage in all area’s they’re involved in. With the dollhouse additions to your tiny home you’re able to add realistic storage space to your dollhouse. These amazing additions are quite easy to make and simple to place and move throughout the dollhouse. With the right style you can incorporate these cabinets into the layout of your home without much of a problem at all. This easy tutorial will show you how.


With dollhouses you either see them painted on, with furniture that isn’t moveable or plastic. These dollhouses are from decades ago, and these days they dont look very impressive at all. Instead of spending money on those cheap versions there are many DIY dollhouse furniture tutorials that can help you to create a masterpiece.

These additions from bed linen to refrigerators in a regular house would be considered essentials items in the real world. So it is only natural to want to add these popular and modern amenities that are available in modern society. When it comes to adding the proper additions to a dollhouse you want to be sure that it mirrors not only modern life, but also the theme you’re looking into.

Good luck with your DIY dollhouse furniture! 

DIY dollhouse furniture can be a great hobby for you and the kids. Tell us in the comment section if you enjoyed this tutorial.

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