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DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art

USA art vector map with heart | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art | string art supplies | Featured

Learn to make your own DIY string art with this tutorial. All you’ll need is an outline of whatever you want in nails, then wrap the string!

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  2. Things You Need
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String Art Tutorial | DIY Decor Ideas

DIY String Art on Wood

DIY Tutorial State String Art | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art |

DIY decor gives us the freedom to create customized pieces that fit our style, color scheme, and personalities. This easy DIY project can be done in under an hour and most of the string art supplies are things you have on hand or can grab from the hardware store for less than $10.

I’ve only recently encountered string art, and I absolutely wanted to try it! It was the right amount of chic and cozy that I really wanted in my library next to my books and succulents.

This could work for any shape template and any color of string. You can go for a classic white color like I did or a funkier colorful one: it’s really up to you!

It only took about three hours at most, and it wasn’t that difficult at all.

Things You Need

Things You Need | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
The supplies should cost less than $10 if you use scrap wood!
  • Wood
  • Hammer
  • A LOT of nails
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking tape
  • Template

The size of the wood really depends on preference, but I suggest printing out your desired size of the design before going to the woodshop to pick, so you can already visualize the negative space around the string art. Masking tape, I recommend asking which brand doesn’t leave adhesive on the board, because this leaves ugly marks, and gathers dust.


Step 1. Smooth It down with Sandpaper

Smooth It down with Sandpaper | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Fine sandpaper should work well just to get rid of splinters.

Use sandpaper to make the edges of the wood clean and smooth, to prevent splinters.

Step 2. Print and Cut out the Template

Print and Cut out the Template | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Be careful around the corners!

Some DIY tutorials say you can hammer directly on the design without cutting, but I do not recommend doing this. Despite being able to tear the paper out, there will be bits and pieces of paper stuck on the nails which will consume more time picking it out than just cutting out the outline.

Step 3. Stick the Map on with Masking Tape

Stick the Map on with Masking Tape | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Step back after you stick the map on so you can make sure it’s straight.

Using masking tape will help keep the map in place but diminish the chances of pulling up stain or paint from the wood.

Step 4. Line the Map with Nails

Line the Map with Nails | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Be sure to place the nails very close together. Use tweezers to hold nails in place if you are having difficulty.

You can start anywhere comfortable, but the most important thing to remember with hammering the nails in, is that the nails should be very close to each other, leaving only enough space for the string to slip down the middle.

Outlines with nails too far apart will leave you too much space in between, and it won’t look as nice. Also try to be meticulous with hammering the nails straight, both down the wood and forming straight lines.

The more nails that are perfectly aligned, the neater and nicer the string art will come out. For parts of the map that have too many curves, you can choose to simplify them. I suggest doing just that, for a neater effect.

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Step 5. Repeat the Process with the Heart

Repeat the Process with the Heart | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Place the heart in the location of your hometown for a personal touch!

Try putting it in an area that could create as many long straight lines as possible. Make sure to hammer in lots of nails for the heart.

They will serve as anchors for the string, and too few nails will create lots of blanks in between.

Repeat the Process with the Heart | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Keep in mind there will be 15 state nails to every 1 nail on the heart!

Step 6. Start Stringing!

Start Stringing! | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Use any color of string you prefer, or even mix string colors — get creative with it!

Loop around the outer nail, bring it to the nails of the heart, loop it, and bring it to the next nail of the state.

Loop only once per nail of the state before moving on the next one, but keep using the same heart nail for the succeeding loops. This will create a nice tension between the nails.

There will be about 15 state nails to one heart nail. This depends on the crafter’s preference of course.

Don’t be afraid to remove the string and try again until you get the right ratio.

Step 7. Be Patient, and Repeat Until You Finish!

Be Patient, and Repeat Until You Finish! | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Superglue the tail end of the string to the nails so that it won’t come undone.

I really love how this string art turned out, especially how opaque the white gets as it reaches the heart. I bet this technique would be lovely on silhouette portraits!

This definitely won’t be the last of the string art ideas I use to create fun and easy DIY wall art.

Be Patient, and Repeat Until You Finish! | DIY String Art Tutorial | State Themed Wall Art
Hang your art or place it on a mantelpiece for all to see!

Check out a DIY tutorial video by Katherout on how to create your string art project, nice and easy!

With this DIY string art tutorial, you can now create wall art that shows off your home state! This California state-themed wall art is perfect for a breezy home in the golden state.

What string craft will you make? Share with us in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 18, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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