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20 Cool Home Decor Wall Art Ideas for You to Craft

Want to add some wall art to the blank space on your wall? If you’re looking for some home decorating ideas for your next DIY craft project, look no further. Here’s the perfect list you can check for DIY wall art ideas you can make inside or outside your home. Add color and flair to your home with these DIY home decor!

20 Cool DIY Wall Art Ideas |

Cool Wall Art Ideas | Home Decor

Having a blank space on my wall always bother me. My mind just can’t stop thinking about what I can do to improve the decoration in my home. That’s when I started searching for cheap home decor and wall art ideas I can create to fill the space I keep on staring at all the time. This list would be great in your living room, bedroom or even outside. I’m sure you won’t run out of ideas you can try with these cool wall art decors!


20 Cool Home Decor Wall Art Ideas for You to Craft

1. Rustic Pallet Sign

Rustic DIY Inspiration Wall Art Quotes | Cool Wall Art Ideas
via DIY Projects

Do you ever wonder how to create those lovely weathered wood wall art signs that you see on Pinterest? Make one with a few easy steps. Bring your favorite inspirational or literary quote to life with this hand-painted, charmingly rustic DIY project. Click here to read more!


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2. DIY Chevron Wall Art

If you want some colorful chevron to fill the gap, check out how to make it with this easy tutorial!


3. Butterfly Shadowbox

Homemade Butterfly Wall Art Craft | Cool Wall Art Ideas
via DIY Projects

Create a breathtaking array of realistic butterflies in a shadowbox without harming any butterflies!  This lifelike display of fluttering beauties will look lovely in any room of the house. Here are a few simple steps to making the shadow box of your dreams! Click here to read more!


4. Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

This is a really cheap home decor! Nothing beats a dollar store craft to add flair to your home. Head over here for the tutorial!


5. Large Stencil Wall Art

Large Stencil Wall Art | Cool Wall Art Ideas
via DIY Projects

If you’re feeling artistic, stenciling might be just the thing for you. If this is your first time stenciling, check out our tutorial first on how to stencil walls. You can click here for the steps on this cool large wall art stencil!


Try this too!


6. Old Window Turned Picture Frame

There’s no better way to decorate than to have your family’s lovely photos on your wall. Repurpose an old window to this rustic picture frame. Click here for the steps!


7. Vintage My Americana Wall Art

If you love vintage Americana art, this is a fun DIY project you should make. Start by frequenting flea markets, salvage yards, and antique and thrift stores for pieces that could be cut into strips or that are narrow.  Think anything that shows wear, like old sports balls, books (the spines would look rad!), keys, even wood trim that’s seen better days! Click here to read more!


8. Potato Print Artwork DIY

Would you believe you can make this amazing wall art with a potato? Check out how it’s made here.


9. Mini Menagerie

Have you ever heard of micro crafts? I sure have! Micro crafting is working with well…little things! I love the idea of tiny everything, so today we’re going to show you how to decorate with tiny plastic animal sculptures. The best part? You get to use a rotary tool and saw plastic in half. Click here to read more!


10. DIY Personalized Sharpie Plates

Don’t you just love all the craft projects you can make with Sharpie? Here’s another quick and easy home decor you can make with this remarkable too. Click here for the easy instructions!


11. Quick & Easy Fabric Wall Art

Want to know how to make fabric wall art. I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of them everywhere. Wall art ideas that takes just a few minutes to make. It makes a great home decorating idea you can do in a budget! Click here to read more!


 12. Instagallery

Create a collage of memories with a magnetic board and pictures. It’s an awesome craft project to showcase your lovely pictures. Click here for the instructions!


13. Moss Graffiti

If you want an outdoor wall art that grows, this is the one for you. Go green with your wall art on this cool DIY project. Click here to read more!


14. Stencil Letter Painting

Follow this infographic on how to create this awesome stenciled painting. Some acrylic paint and a thrift store painting will get you a long way. Check it out here!


15. Mod Podge Wall Art

Cut, glue and apply mod podge. Wasn’t that an easy DIY wall art project? Click here for the instructions.


16. No Sew Resolution Banner

You can make a resolution banner or hang your favorite quote. Click here for the tutorial!


17. Cork Art

If you’re looking for a craft to make use of your cork collection, if you have one, this is a wall art you should make. Click here for the tutorial!


18. Paper Art

Make a stunning wall art design with just some glue and paper.  Try it in any color you want. Click here for the instructions.

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19. Easy DIY Star Burst Wall Art

Decorate your home with this stunning piece of art. Add a burst of color with this DIY project. Click here for the tutorial.


20. Graphic Wall Art

Did you know that paint and some tape can get you a long way? Check out this awesome wall art design here.


Got time for a few more? Try making these 3 easy room decor/wall art DIYs from LaurDIY:


So which DIY wall art are you going to try? Let us know below in the comments!

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