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15 DIY Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and these DIY Christmas tree topper ideas will help you literally cap off your holiday decorating this year!

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DIY Christmas Tree Topper Ideas for This Holiday Season

Top Your past Trees with These Jolly DIY Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Whether you want something a little traditional, like a glammed-up star, or a little bit exotic, like a tree topper owl, I have something for your kind of Christmas. If you're tired of all the designs you see at the stores, go ahead and make your own unique Christmas tree toppers.

Christmas tree decorations without a topper are like mice without whiskers! This year, go totally unique and make your own DIY Christmas tree topper.

I've put together a list of eclectic – and gorgeous! – DIY Christmas tree topper ideas to provide inspiration and get your DIY juices flowing. I know how boring it can be to have the same old decorations year after year; it becomes clockwork, and not all of that is fun.

With this list of the best Christmas tree toppers, you can take your pick and take it all the way to the top! Also, if you're looking to expand your reach, learn to sell these crafts and other homemade projects on Etsy!

1. Pipe Cleaner Starburst Tree Topper


Can you believe this gorgeous tree topper is made out of pipe cleaners? It's hard to imagine, right? Well, you should see it, to believe it, and it's not so hard to make either.

2. DIY Star Tree Topper


A star topper is common among the Christmas tree topper ideas. You can make it unique by covering your handmade star in fabric for an interesting and textured tree topper.

If you think you don't have enough time, just pick out a colorful stock paper and follow these steps.

3. DIY Himmeli-Style Christmas Star Tree Topper


Himmeli-style decorations come from Finland, hang as mobiles or ornaments, and are usually made from straws. This one is no different, but it leveled it up by using brass metal tubing to create a stronger modern heirloom. Interesting, right?

4. Mario Star Tree Topper


Eschew tradition and go retro with your Chrismas tree topper. You can get a retro Mario star tree topper here or you can make your own in this different version.

It's such a great inspiration you can probably replicate with a little creativity and determination and add to your selection of Christmas tree topper ideas.

5. Tree Topper Shell Star


This is for everyone who wishes they're at the beach for Christmas. Grab your shell collection and your glue gun to create a one-of-a-kind shell star.

In case you're feeling a little less crafty today, you can get it here.

6. DIY Owl Christmas Tree Topper


What a real cute hoot! Now, this is truly a different take for your owl topper. Can you imagine your tree with an adorable little visitor on top? I'm not sure how my kids will feel, but I sure can.

7. DIY Rustic Star Topper


I can't believe this is something made out of twigs. If you're going for a rustic look this Christmas, this is truly the tree topper for you.

It's simple yet beautiful, which you can include in your collection of Christmas tree topper ideas.

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8. Woven Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper


This is a pretty addition to your Christmas tree topper ideas! It may look complicated, but if you follow the steps carefully, it's as easy as pie. You can follow this tutorial and go for gold, but silver seems like a great color too.

9. DIY Starburst Tree Topper


Now, this is more than a star; this is a supernova! Can you guess what this DIY starburst tree topper is made of?

I'll give you a clue: You can find the simple materials around the house, and it is dirt cheap–it's amazing.

10. Sheet Music Star Tree Topper


Calling all music lovers, this is the perfect tree topper for a music-filled holiday season. I know it may be a crime to some to use precious sheet music, but I'm sure you can just make a copy of a couple to make this sentimental star topper.

11. DIY Reindeer Antlers Tree Topper


It will feel like Christmas in the woods (even if you're far from the woods). Get that rustic cabin vibe when you make this large tree topper that's sure to be a conversation starter.

12. Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper


Put a top hat on your tree and make it a formal Christmas. A top hat on top of your tree seems fitting to me.

You can even learn to make your own mini top hat tree topper if you don't have one handy.

13. Burlap Bow Topper


Go simple (and frugal!) with this DIY fancy burlap bow. Use it to top your tree or as a festive wreath. If you choose to use it, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Burlap Definition: A woven fabric typically made from sisal fibers or jute plant skin, which can be combined with other types of fiber to make nets, ropes, and other similar products.

14. Birdhouse Tree Topper


First, there was an owl. Now, we have a birdhouse. It is a tree after all, right? You have to admit though, a step ladder and a birdhouse make for an easy – and gorgeous – “treescape.”

15. Glittered Tree Topper Tutorial


Dreaming of a glittery Christmas? Then this glittered tree topper is for you. Make your celebration shine with this lovely decor at the top of your tree.

This video from Carolina Pottery will show you how to add a Christmas tree topper:

Your Christmas tree topper ideas don't have to stick to the traditional star or angel. Remember, this is your Christmas celebration with your family.

You can start a tradition and make your own tree topper with any of these whimsical Christmas tree toppers. Now, I won't have to worry so much about what unique Christmas tree topper I'll be putting up this year or the next!

What other Christmas tree topper ideas can you share with us? Leave them in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 8, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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