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Rustic Furniture Projects For A Handmade Home

Our homes are our personal space and haven. What would make it more intimate is when you incorporate your choices and taste with your furniture. You can ace your interior game by bringing in some countryside vibe, and turn into rustic furniture. Or better yet, create your own rustic furniture for a handmade kind of home.

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Rustic Furniture Projects For A Handmade Home

Give your home some rustic lovin'

Giving your home a rustic theme would be a great move. Make it more special by creating rustic furniture projects on your own. Below are DIY inspirations for you to try in order to transform your space into something more homely and simple. These projects are easy and worth the try, so sprinkle some rustic love in your interiors now.

1. “Be Grateful” Pallet Art

Upcycle those pallets into something decorative and rustic, like this project. Click here for the tutorial.

2. Industrial Edison Style Chandelier

Let the rustic transformation start with your lighting just like this chandelier. Awesome, right? Click here for more details.

3. Stepladder Side Table

This side table is very interesting as it is made out of a step ladder. Convenient, functional and rustic all rolled into one. Create a version of this project by clicking here to get the process.

4. Rustic Floating Shelves

If you want to start with a small rustic project but still noticeable, a good project of shelves would do it. Click here for the full tutorial.

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

5. DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Allow the rustic theme as your center attraction, just like this farmhouse coffee table would be, should you decide to create one for your own. Click here to know how.

6. Rustic Wooden Headboard

Rustic furniture also looks good and feels good in the bedroom. Just like this rustic headboard, it projects a warm and homey feeling. Click here for more details about this project.

7. Television Backdrop

Make your living room area interesting by providing a unique framing to your TV. Details for this DIY project is found here.

8. TV Stand

If you wish to have a TV stand, go all out and make it something rustic to create more appeal. Get the tutorial for this project here.

9. Hall Tree Bench

A wood bench by the hall that also stores some of your house materials is a good example of a functional, rustic furniture. Who could refuse this beautiful addition to your home? Get the full tutorial here.

10. Farmhouse Table and Bench

If you can't take a trip to the farmhouse, bring the farmhouse to your place. It's easy, just by having this DIY farmhouse table and bench. Talk about an impressive rustic furniture. Full details here.

11. DIY Wood Rustic Counter Top

Get more inspired to work in your kitchen by having a rustic countertop to go with your daily meals made out of love. The tutorial for this awesome project is found here.

Get more rustic furniture inspiration in this video from Beautiful DIY

Going rustic for your home should not be overly done and expensive. May these projects provide you motivation to start the transformation. Get excited to change your home to something you can totally be at peace with. Click here for more DIY home projects.

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