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DIY Backyard Project Ideas: Fence with Mason Jar Lighting

Looking for a whimsical DIY backyard project? Check out this fence with mason jar lighting.  Fence with Mason Jar Lighting Need a nice DIY decor project to spruce up your backyard? Here's an easy upcycling project that uses an old fence and some mason jars. Have fun with this DIY mason lighting project from the crafty Ellen from Beechbaby. It makes great use of mason jar …Continue Reading

DIY Water Conservation: The Case for Showering Less

Is there such a thing as being too clean? Some argue that when our water supply is at stake, there is. With 14-percent of the contiguous United States now experiencing drought, there's good reason to adapt ways to reduce water waste in your household. If that means showering less, so be it. Data from 2011, according to Statistica, shows the U.S. using 1,630 cubic …Continue Reading

This Backyard Roller Coaster Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

When John Ivers retired, he wanted a project to entertain his grandchildren. His solution has attracted visitors from across the globe: his very own backyard roller coaster! "I just had an idea and I had my A-Frame shed here and I thought, man, that would make a good lift hill," explains Ivers, who lives in Bruceville, Indiana. "So I just started on it. I built a 10-foot …Continue Reading

16 Sweet & Boozy Camping Recipes

There's no time like summer to sit by a campfire and indulge in your favorite treats. And I suspect that more than a few of you would consider a yummy dessert and adult beverage among your favorite things to treat yourself to. So next time you're planning a camping trip or even just making a fire at home, turn to these campsite perfect recipes for enjoying the great …Continue Reading

How to Make a Seed Bomb | DIY Tutorials

Want to make the world a more beautiful place -- one flower at a time? Learn how to make a seed bomb and become a guerrilla gardener!  If you have an urge to garden but no land or space of your own, consider becoming a guerrilla gardener. (Don't worry, we're not going to war!) Guerrilla gardening involves finding a patch of neglected, drab public land and making it beautiful …Continue Reading

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