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Room Organization

DIY Furniture Ideas | 3 Considerations for New Furnishings

DIY Furniture Ideas 3 Considerations for New Furnishings Furnishings play a major role in the entire appearance of the house -- every furniture piece has its own spirit which affects its surroundings. It sounds intuitive to "improve" new furniture. After all, it should be in perfect condition if it's brand new. However, every piece of furniture can be improved, even on its …Continue Reading

How to Make DIY Liquid Laundry Detergent

How to Make DIY Liquid Laundry Detergent What you need: 5 gallon bucket stirrer (wood or stainless) 1 whole bar of zote (400 gms) grater 1 cup of borax (optional) measuring cup 5 gallons hot water gallon jars (for storage) pitcher funnel   How to make it: Step 1. Grate. Grate the whole pack of Zote. Step 2. Add water. Pour 2 …Continue Reading

[VIDEO] DIY Room Organization | Pinterest Hacks Tested!

Keeping organized can help you achieve tons of goals, simply by improving your focus and overall well-being. (Don't believe me? Read this.) That's why starting off 2016 with some simple DIY room organization can be the ticket to actually keeping your New Year resolutions. Because I'm naturally a bit messy, my resolution is actually to just be more organized. I'm hoping that …Continue Reading

DIY Teen Room Decor Projects

Looking to spice up your room? Check out these awesome DIY teen room decor ideas and look no further. When I was a teen, I constantly wanted to change my room around and redecorate. Thankfully, my parents let me express my creativity and pretty much style things that way I wanted them. Now that I have a teen, I get to enjoy the joys of fun, funky room decoration all over …Continue Reading

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