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How to Install Your Own Carpet+Video Tutorial

Install Your Own Carpet and save on the high cost for professional carpet installation. Keep in mind though that this process does take some time and know how in order to DIY. We have an easy tutorial along with a video to help you with this project. How to Install a Carpet The tutorial below on how to install a carpet is courtesy of I'll provide some of the …Continue Reading

Your Storage Problems Solved | DIY Window Seat

Window seat storage is the  perfect solution for those who need extra storage around the house. Once you have the right tools and materials this should be an easy DIY project for you. A widow seat can be created in any room in the house, even in small spaces; the only requirement is, well a window!  DIY Storage- Window Seat Idea Adding a window seat is an excellent …Continue Reading

21 Space-Saving Ideas For Your Studio Apartments

Feeling a bit low on space in your studio apartment? Then this post is for you! Below are amazing space-saving ideas for studio apartments that you'll absolutely love!I personally think that living in a studio apartment has its pros and cons. For one, less space, less cleaning = more happiness! I've seen this in the life of my cousin who lives in a studio apartment two …Continue Reading