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How to Make a Gold DIY Bar Cart

Want to know how to make a gold DIY bar cart? These bar cart ideas will show you how! Bar carts are trendy pieces of furniture in every home. They really look very classy, unfortunately, these gilded carts are costly! So, why not build your own and store your booze in style with these easy, economical, and elegant gold DIY bar cart ideas. How to Make a Gold DIY Bar …Continue Reading

12 Amazing DIY Bar Cart Ideas! Because Every Good Home Needs A Good Bar Cart

Looking for some DIY bar cart ideas? If you want to have a bar for home but don't really want to build one, why not a bar cart? Try one from this DIY list! DIY Bar Cart Ideas I'm not really much of a drinker but I figured a bar cart would look amazing in our home. It's a good thing to have when entertaining and also acts as a home decor. So since I wasn't really sure what …Continue Reading

Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder

    Are you in need of a new jewelry holder? If you want to know how to organize jewelry in a stylish and crafty manner, then this DIY jewelry holder is just the thing for you. Upcycle a wooden frame and make an amazing jewelry organizer in less than an hour.   Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder | Jewelry Organizer   A few months ago, I noticed a …Continue Reading

How to Build a DIY TV Stand

  Want to know how to build a DIY TV stand? If you're looking for a woodworking project to try this weekend, this would be it. Make a cool TV stand from reclaimed wood and add a rustic feel to your living room.   How to Build a TV Stand | DIY TV Stand   Do you love the look of found objects used as furniture? I love finding rare treasures, but …Continue Reading

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