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DIY Shoe Cubby Ideas For Your Entryway

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For those addicted to footwear, a shoe cubby is a must-have part of the home. It’s great not just for keeping your closet organized but also for showing your shoe collection off.

Here are some shoe cubby ideas that will look great for your home.

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12 Practical and Stylish Shoe Cubby Ideas to Show off Your Footwear

1. Colorful Shoe Pods

colorful modern shoe rack-on-white | storage solutions

For an artistic looking shoe storage cubby, grab some wood and make different shapes out of them. You can also make polygons and stack each pod up. Color them for an eye-popping design.

Afterward, grab those pairs of shoes and place them in pairs into your new DIY shoe organizer. Depending on the sizes of the pod and the footwear, you might even be able to fit more than a single pair of shoes in each pod.

2. Paint Bucket Holders

rows-cans-store-paint-varnish | DIY Shoe Cubby Ideas For Your Entryway | Shoe storage

Have some old and used paint buckets lying around? Repurpose them into shoe holders that are perfect shoe storage solutions for those who want to maximize the space in their homes.

Doing it is very simple. Peel the labels off of the paint buckets and screw them to your wall. You can also paint them with colors that match or complement the colors of the wall they are mounted to.

3. PVC Shoe Rack

pvc-pipes-stacked | DIY Shoe Cubby Ideas For Your Entryway | Shoe storage

If you’re on a budget, this shoe cubby idea is exactly what you need. PVC pipes can be cut down, stacked, and connected to make some pretty funky shoe storage racks perfect for your house’s entryway.

You could choose to repaint them into different colors that’ll look great for the kids’ room, or leave them in plain black and white colors that are great for a more modern appeal. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

You can use these shoe deodorizing balls to eliminate the odor when storing your footwear in tight spaces.

4. Repurposed Pallet Shoe Cubby

wooden pallets | shoe organizer

Pallets are some of the best sources of wood for repurposed or upcycled DIY projects. While most of those projects involve taking pallets apart, using them as a shoe cubby saves you that trouble.

All you have to do is to choose a good pallet and use the spaces from the bottom of the panel to slide down your shoes. If you’re looking at used ones, choose those that were used to carry dry goods.

5. DIY Pallet Shoe Rack

many pairs shoes on shelves | Shoe storage

If simply repurposing an old pallet is too easy for you, then you can still tear it apart and use that wood to make your own shoe rack. It will barely involve any tools as it mostly just needs a crowbar, a hammer, some nails, and your creativity to design a shoe rack personalized for your shoes.

While the project may look similar to the repurposed pallet shoe cubby, the two are not the same. The former involves simply choosing a pallet in good condition and using it as your cubby. This project involves taking the pallet apart and using the wood to design your own shoe cubby out of it.

6. Wood Crate Storage Shelf

modern hall interior hanging clothes | entryway ideas

Similar to pallets, wood crates are not just great sources of wood; in themselves, they can already be used as a DIY shoe cubby without much modification.

If you don’t have any lying around, you can purchase some old ones at your local thrift store for about $1 each. Once you have a few, you can just stack them and they’re ready to be used.

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7. Cardboard Boxes Shoe Rack

stacking-used-cardboard-box-recycling | DIY Shoe Cubby Ideas For Your Entryway | Shoe storage

Want to help save Mother Earth? Do your part in your own small way by upcycling those empty cardboard boxes into a shoe cubby.

Their easy-to-stack design helps you maximize the space in small bedrooms and closets.

8. Ladder Shoe Rack

rack high heeled shoes on light | shoe rack

That old wooden ladder you have lying around that you thought you wouldn’t need anymore? Turns out you can use it as the perfect rack for all those heels you have.

Repaint it with the color you like before securing it to your wall and voila! Your heels are now ready for hanging.

9. Crown Molding Shoe Rack

man-cutting-gypsum-baseboard-utility-knife | DIY Shoe Cubby Ideas For Your Entryway | Shoe storage

While we’re on the topic of high heels, crown molding is also another inexpensive alternative to your traditional shoe cubby. Blank spaces in walls and closets are great locations for leftover crown molding you might have from your last remodeling project.

Once installed, it’s easy to hang shoes by their heels. Add enough levels and you have a very minimalist way of showing off your stylish collection.

10. Refashioned Wire Hangers


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If you’re planning on replacing those old wire hangers in your closet, don’t let them go to waste. You can easily cut and bend them with a pair of pliers and fashion them into shoe hangers.

Once done, just hammer a couple of nails into your walls and hang your shoes.

11. Hanging Shoe Storage

four-pairs-sports-shoes-hang-on | storage solutions

For those collecting sneakers, what a great way to display them and at the same time store them by hanging your collection by their shoelaces.

This one is simple as attaching a nail to your wall and leaving space a few inches apart for you to hang your shoes. You can also use heavy-duty picture hangers which you can get here.

If you have even more shoes than you originally thought, a shoe cubby might not be enough. Here are 33 brilliant shoe storage ideas courtesy of Jansen’s DIY:

A shoe cubby is an essential weapon in the arsenal of shoe lovers who want to show off their collection while still keeping their places clean. These alternative shoe cubby ideas are both aesthetically-pleasing and practical at the same time.

Are there other clever shoe cubby ideas that you know about? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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