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10 DIY Storage Ideas to Reduce Clutter in the New Year

Having trouble keeping your clutter to a minimum? Want to get organized for the New Year? Don't worry, you are far from alone! I've got 10 great DIY storage ideas to help you embark on your decluttering journey. From stacked bills, fallout from the kids' projects, pet toys -- and let's not get started on that overwhelming garage clutter -- there are plenty of things we don’t …Continue Reading

How to Make a DIY Whiteboard

Want to learn how to make a DIY whiteboard? Check out our super simple tutorial. Are you always forgetting things -- what you need to pick up from the store, whose birthday is coming up, etc.? I sure am. That's why I decided to put together a DIY whiteboard and start writing everything down! It's a really easy project to DIY and saves you lots of money (and did I mention …Continue Reading

6 DIY Fruit Fly Trap Tutorials

Got pests? Try these DIY fruit fly trap tutorials and shoo away those annoying flies.  DIY Fruit Fly Trap Tutorials Shoo fly shoo! Need to get rid of some unwanted house guests? Ahem, we're looking at you, fruit flies! If you have a fruit fly problem, you have to take charge. These DIY fruit fly tutorials give you a few simple options for getting rid of the flies. Making …Continue Reading

11 DIY Nail Polish Rack Ideas

These DIY nail polish rack ideas will keep you organized and will keep your finger nails fly.  Even divas need to stay organized! I'm a nail art fanatic. I change my nail color and design almost as often as I change my  mind ;) As my nail polish collection grew, I realized it was getting more and more difficult for me to find the colors I wanted. (Well, without having …Continue Reading

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