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10 DIY Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Need a space makeover? Got a tight budget? To save value and appearance, try these DIY cabinet refacing ideas! If you're contemplating a makeover, but don't want to break the bank on brand new cabinets, you'll want to explore your options for cabinet refacing. Refacing your cabinets can give them a "like new" appearance, or even breathe brand new life into your …Continue Reading

Pinterest Organizational Hacks That Aren’t Worth Your Time

Pinterest Organizational Hacks That Aren’t Worth Your Time   Oh Pinterest  . . . how wonderful you are, with all of your beautiful photos and clever ideas. It’s so easy to spend hours taking in all of the eye-candy, and dreaming of ways to re-create the perfectly organized and decorated rooms. What isn’t so easy is actually following through on the ideas! We’ve all …Continue Reading

9 DIY Air Freshener Ideas

Use DIY air freshener to add bright fragrance to any space. Why buy store-bought air fresheners that are chock full of chemicals whose names you can't pronounce if you can make them yourself? And do-it-yourself you can! There are a ton of neat DIY air freshener tutorials -- check  some of my favorites out: 9 DIY Air Freshener Ideas 1. Lavender Air Freshener Baking …Continue Reading

4 Easy Steps To Melt Chocolate For Dipping The Right Way

Everybody loves chocolate, but do you know how to melt chocolate for dipping? If not, then this post is for you! Check out this post to learn the tricks and tips on melting chocolate for dipping, the right way! How To Melt Chocolate For Dipping The Right Way What You'll Need: melting chocolate of your choice (chips, chunks, bars or pellets) flavored baking chips …Continue Reading

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