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Closet Organizer Ideas | Chic Ideas In Organizing Bedroom Closets, Clothing and Accessories

Does your closet need a little makeover? Then it’s time to dress up your closet and dress down clutter with these chic closet organizer ideas.

Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be difficult. Considering what you really need will help you transform and reclaim more space in your bedroom closet. Get some amazing closet organizer ideas from this list and you’ll be happily organized and looking your best in no time.

A little too obsessed with organizing? Me too! I just find it relaxing when everything is neat and tidy in my house especially my room.  Aside from having a beautiful bedroom, I also want my closet, chest, and vanity table to be orderly. So, I really like having chic closet organizer and other organizing tools to help me declutter my stuff. Wondering how I do it? Let me share with you the ideas I found online. Read on and find out below!

Closet Organizer Ideas | Bedroom Closets, Clothing and Accessories

—This post was originally by Simply Organize, (original publish date July 21, 2016) shared with permission —

The first thing you see in the morning when you wake up is your bedroom closet. The idea of having an organized closet is always motivating. Luckily, today there are thousands of organizing styles and ideas being tossed around. Enough to help us meet our desires in having a better bedroom/bedroom closet.

I love having a chic bedroom, chic closet organizer, and so much more. In this article,  I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ideas to make every girly-girl’s dreams come true.


1. ClosetMaid

First on the list is this super cute closet organizer that’s perfect for every teenager! Want more deets? Check it out here.


2. Clothes Rail

Here’s how to make use of a wide space in your bedroom: A clothes rail could always come in handy.


3. Full Closet


More detailed ways to keep every corner of your chic closet organized. Read all about it here!


4. Wood Closet


Last month, my uncle had a series of projects in making chairs, tables, and flower pots that are made of wood. And now, I want a wooden closet too! This looks very lovely.


5. DIY Closet

Turn your ideas into a stylish DIY closet! See a tutorial here.



6. S Hooks


Small bedrooms often have storage issues, and you don’t have to be limited to basic hangers. I love these S hooks simply because they’re so small and very useful. Perfect for small bedrooms. You can find them at any of your local craft or hardware stores.


7. Linen Organizer


Get inspired to organize your linen from this extremely satisfying photo.


8. Accessory Organizer


Create a stylish section in your bedroom by displaying some of your statement pieces or accessories. Check out a DIY tutorial here!


9. Egg Tray


Snag a free organizer for all your small sparkly pieces straight from your kitchen by cutting out an egg tray to fit into your drawer.


10. Vanity Desk

The vanity is probably the girl’s favorite space in her bedroom.. And it’s even better when everything is clutter-free and organized. Find the fabulous tutorial here.

11. Bag & Shoes Closet Organizer

Store all your precious shoes and bags in one place! I specifically like it when I place them where I can see them.


Check out this video from Meg Allan Cole Crafts for more fun closet organizer ideas!

Before I had kids, I always preferred modern closet designs. And as a strong independent woman, all of those ideas perfectly suit me and my personality. But now, I have to consider my 3 kids with their unique personalities. I hope these ideas would help you like they have helped me get started with my closet organization project!

There you have it! Thanks for checking our list of closet organizer ideas. Which one will you use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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