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How to Make a Teepee for the Kids

How to Make a Teepee tutorial below. This one is courtesy of Julie Blanner and is a fun tutorial for both you and your kids to do for the summer. Check it out below!

Learn to Make a Teepee

Check out this fun tutorial on how to make a teepee below. You make this cool project with your kids for the summer. They’ll be having fun with this neat teepee all summer long. We’ll only post some of the tutorial steps by Julie Blanner, as seen on her website. You can check out her complete tutorial here

Check out How to Make a Teepee for the Kids at


  • 4 1¾’x6′ poplar dowels {link it to slightly thicker dowels}
  • 3/8″ sisal rope
  • 6×9′ canvas drop cloth
  • 3 screws
  • 3 washers
  • scissors
  • lighter
  • drill

Tutorial on How To Make a Teepee

Check out How to Make a Teepee for the Kids at

Step 1

Cut a large length of rope & burn the end.

Step 2

Drill hole in first pole at 5″.

Step 3

String rope through the hole & tie a knot where it meets the pole.

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Free Group T-Shirt

Step 4

Create a faux teepee with your poles to see how they need to lay to be stable. Using 4 poles, it’s best to have the front wider & the back of the teepee more narrow. See how pole #2 lies to meet pole #1 & drill a hole at that distance.

Step 5

Feed the rope through pole #2, then wrap it around a couple times in various directions to stabilize it. 

Step 6

Add pole #3, testing where to place it, drill hole, feed rope & wrap.

Step 7

Repeat for pole #4. Wrap the rope over & under, then around the teepee several times. 

Check out How to Make a Teepee for the Kids at



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