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Recycled Wine Barrel Ideas

Wine barrel can be recycled into so many creative things. I've see the most amazing household items totally transformed from an old wine barrel. Check out some of the most creative ideas below.

Creative Wine Barrels transformed

Face Basin

This one doubles as a bathroom sink, and a cupboard.


This stunning wooden chandelier gives off an industrial vibe that can work with many different decor themes.

Bar Table

Isn't it amazing what you can do with two barrels and a piece of board? You can make a cool bar table and that deserves and applause.

Flower Planter

Your backyard will be the envy of all the neighbors with this beautiful barrel turned planter.

Water Fountain

You'll need quite a few wine barrels if you want to recreate this amazing and totally creative water fountain like the one shown here.

Umbrella Stands

You have to try this amazing decor idea for your next outdoors shinding. These cool umbrella stands deserve to be replicated.

Half Barrel Glass top Table

A very classy creation using a piece of glass on top of a barrel cut in half. This is perfect for a rustic styled home.

Wine Rack

Someone turned their wine barrel into a really neat wine rack and I personally think its a brilliant idea.

Wine Barrel Lighting

This one requires a bit of skill, but if you can pull it off the result will be this amazing overhanging light fixture for your kitchen. One-of-a-kind indeed!

Dog Bed

Create a cozy space for your dog by cutting an old barrel in half ( vertically). Then all you need is a comfy cushion and you're pretty much done.

Did you enjoy these creative wine barrel ideas? Let us know in the comment section below.

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