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35 Homemade Soap Tutorials, Recipes, And Ideas You Can DIY!

Feature | Homemade Soap Tutorials, Recipes, And Ideas You Can DIY

Make your own natural homemade soap and never pay for this wash buddy again! We have a love affair with soap and this roundup of the best-looking and delicious-smelling handmade soap is giving us a serious glow. Learn how you can make these DIY homemade soap with any of the tutorials, recipes, and ideas you will find as you read on below!

Easy Homemade Soap Recipes for Beginners and Soap Aficionados


1. Felted Soap

 Felted Soap | Homemade Soap Tutorials, Recipes, And Ideas You Can DIY
Make Your Own Felted Soap Tutorial by DIY Projects

Personalize your soap with this amazing idea for a homemade soap. This would be a great gift you can share with your family and friends.

2. Popsicle Soap


If you’re looking for a fun craft you can share with your kids, this popsicle soap tutorial will have them flying to your aid. Introduce your little ones to the art of soap making with this easy and colorful homemade soap idea.

3. Creamy No-Lye Oatmeal Soap

Enjoy the beneficial anti-oxidant properties of oatmeal on your skin with this creamy oatmeal soap. What is even better about this homemade soap tutorial is the no-lye part which makes it an easy soap to make.

4. Cold Process Homemade Soap

Find out how to make soap using the cold process. You can check out the handmade soap recipe and the detailed process here, where you can take an idea for your future soap-making projects.

5. Sunflower Oil Soap Recipe

If you are particularly looking to make a moisturizing soap, look no further than this sunflower oil soap recipe. With anti-aging and sun protection, sunflower oil is your go-to ingredient for a moisturizing soap.

6. Goat Milk Soap Bars

You’ve probably heard how goat’s milk is one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets. Enjoy the benefits of goat’s milk on a soap in this easy goat milk soap recipe.

7. DIY Earl Grey Tea Soap

One great thing about homemade soap is you can use different ingredients you can think of. For this recipe, Earl Grey tea is at play. This recipe is also a melt-and-pour process without lye, so you can safely DIY your soap even with the kids around.

8. Lye-Free Soap

Lye-Free Soap | Homemade Soap Tutorials, Recipes, And Ideas You Can DIY
Make Lye Free Soap On The Homestead by Homesteading

Take this easy no-lye soap recipe for your next experiment. It’s a basic process which could set the stage for your other soap-making experiments.

9. How To Make Aloe Vera Soap

We love aloe vera for it’s cooling, moisturizing, and anti-bacterial benefits. Put all these benefits on your aloe vera homemade soap and enjoy!

10. Oatmeal with Almonds Goat Milk Bar

Oatmeal has great benefits for the skin. Why not combine it with goat milk and turn it into a handmade soap? Follow the step-by-step tutorial here to make it.

11. 10-Minute DIY Peaches and Cream Homemade Soap

You read it right! In only 10 minutes, you get a creamy and sweet-smelling soap you can make right at home. It has also a lovely color or two color combination rather, which makes for a dreamy lathering.

12. Chocolate Goat Milk Soap

If you love the scent of chocolate and milk, you will love it in your skin even more. Make this delectable-looking soap in this tutorial which also comes with two more homemade soap recipes.

13. Lemon Green Tea Soap

Matcha green tea and lemon are good for your body but they are also amazing for your skin. You can relish their benefits outside of your body in this zesty homemade soap.

14. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Soap

Ten minutes is all you need to make this homemade soap. This would be the perfect gift you can give this Fall! Follow the step-by-step tutorial here.

15. Minty Poppy Seed Scrubby Soap

Who doesn’t want a two-in-one soap? You will love this minty poppy seed scrubby soap with two sides. One side will keep you cool and fresh while the other side will exfoliate your skin!

16. DIY Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee Soap

Please don’t put it in the dining table, you may mistake it as a delicious brownie. See how you can make this interesting homemade soap here.

17. DIY Hot Process Soap In The Crockpot

It’s not only your favorite dish you can whip up in a crockpot. Apparently, even a homemade soap will come out of a crockpot if you know what to do!

18. DIY Jaws Shark Soap for Kids

Who wouldn’t want a bath with a surprise? Make this DIY glycerin soap with toy sharks inside. With this idea, you can put any toys you want in your homemade soap.

19. Star-Studded Unicorn Soap

If it’s difficult to get your kids to take a bath, this homemade soap will solve your problem. A star-studded unicorn soap will definitely send them flying to the tub for a scrub.

20. Handmade Vanilla Latte Soap

Coffee has the power to energize even in your homemade soap. With a sweet scent that’s overpowering, you will want to do a few more scrubs with this vanilla latte soap.

21. Citrus Summer Punch Swirl Soap

So how does this soap get to have its rainbow swirls color? You will need to do a fun experiment of mixing up colors with the right stroke and swirl.

22. DIY Rainbow Soap

This rainbow soap recipe will need you to bring out your DIY crafting savvy. The process is somewhat complex but the results are worth it!

23. 15-Minute DIY Watermelon Soap

You also have to watch out for this soap with small kids around. They might not be able to help it just by the looks of this watermelon soap!

24. 4-Steps Homemade Soap

This would be the easiest handmade soap you can make in one-two-three-four… and you’re done! Melt glycerin soap, add your favorite scent, pour into molds, and scrub away!

25. DIY Galaxy Soap with Activated Charcoal

Give your friends and family a blush and googly eyes, combined with this amazing DIY galaxy soap. It’s wonderful what cosmetic glitter can do to a plain activated charcoal soap.

26. Exfoliating Coconut Soap

Coconut is great for dry skin, plus it has known antibacterial properties. This homemade coconut soap recipe will also give you a plus with its exfoliating properties.

27. Creamy Vanilla Mint Soap With Glycerin Stripe

We are having googly eyes for this vanilla mint soap with glycerin stripe. It almost looks too good to lather on the skin and too jello-like to eat.

28. Buttermilk Baby Soap

Baby’s skin is super sensitive. Wouldn’t you want to know what ingredients exactly are in the soap you use for them? Try this mild homemade soap perfect for your baby’s skin.

29. Honey Oatmeal Handmade Soap

Honey and oatmeal are not only good inside of you, they are also wonderful for your skin. This honey oatmeal soap is easy to create, which even your girls can make. A great idea for a slumber party with the other teens!

30. Beginner Handmade Soap

If this is your first time making soap, we recommend this easy homemade soap recipe for beginners. This tutorial will also set the stage for your soap-making innovations which you may one day put up for sale.

31. Cold Process Soap Recipes with Shea Butter

Shea butter is a popular sweet-smelling ingredient to make soap, we love and we cannot leave out a room for this homemade soap recipe. This recipe, also have coconut, castor, hemp seed, and olive oil for a moisture powerhouse!

32. DIY Tea Tree and Charcoal Loofah Soap

This is a great soap making idea–loofa and soap all in one bar. Not only will the soap exfoliate, it will also disinfect with the loofah and tea tree oil combination.

33. Homemade Activated Charcoal Soap

Activated personal use products are still trendy these days owing to its wonderful deep-cleaning effect. Make this DIY soap for everyone in the family.

34. Organic Castille Liquid Hand Soap

If you’d like to go organic, this is a great homemade hand soap you can try to make. For a soap, you are always in contact with, it is best to go organic.

35. DIY Tin-Mold Soap

This would be the perfect gift idea or something you can easily bring with you when you travel. So say bye-bye hotel soaps with harsh chemicals and say hello to natural homemade soap you made on your own.

Learn how to make natural homemade soap in four ways in this video from Kin:

There you go, bath and body products aficionados! Delicious-smelling natural homemade soap recipes you can make on your own. With these ideas, we fully expect your home and yourself to be just as sweet-smelling!

We hope you enjoyed these amazing homemade soap tutorials and recipes! Try them out at home and let us know how it goes. You can share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 18, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

Placard | 35 Homemade Soap Tutorials, Recipes, And Ideas You Can DIY!


  1. Great ideas! However, Ive been making cold process soap for about ten years now and I have to clarify one point: There is no soap without lye. ALL soap is made with lye, but there is a chemical reaction that occurs so there is no lye, or oil, left in the finished product. So, for example, coconut oil + lye = sodium coconate. Tallow + lye = sodium tallowate. A lot of people who use the melt and pour method (that is, melting a block of glycerin soap and forming new bars of glycerin soap) confuse this, but its true!

  2. Hi, I loved the recipe for the exfoliating coconut bars with a loofah inside, super cute and very giftable 🙂
    I recently got into making my own lotions and body washes and now I am curious about making lye-free soap bars, so thanks for the recipes!

  3. This post is brilliant! My husband’s friend makes soap and often shares his excess. I’ve tried some simple recipes myself (most oatmeal or lye free). Bar soap has saved my family so much money over the past year, and I just got so excited when I stumbled across this post @ I am definitely going to try Pumpkin Soap!


  1. […] I have shared one beautiful looking homemade soap tutorial before. That day I’ve got a serious interest in homemade soap because homemade soap looks amazing than commercial soaps. And they’ve got such ingredients which are very healthy for our body. Although I have no time to try out these soap making ideas right now (because my son is so small and HYPER active, and I am the only one who takes care of him) I am sharing this tutorial with you, fellow crafty mums. You can find the soap making ideas from this SITE. […]

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