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Quick & Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Women You Can DIY Today

Homemade Christmas gift ideas aren’t hard to come by, but just because they’re a dime a dozen doesn’t mean you’re going to make just any old thing. Special people deserve special presents this season of giving, so I’ve narrowed down a list of homemade Christmas gifts for women that are not only pretty, but are also practical, functional, and sure to be loved by your recipient—all while being simple enough to make in a snap. Read on and be ready to complete your Christmas gift list, sans shopping!

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Girls!

I know you’ll agree with me that when it comes to gift-giving, homemade is the most heartfelt. And speaking as a DIY-er and lover of all things Christmas, nothing gets me more excited than thinking of all the creative and useful homemade Christmas gift ideas to DIY for all of the wonderful women in my life! From my girly cousins to my sassy and fun-loving co-workers, all my girls deserve a little something special this season, and I truly enjoy brainstorming and crafting the perfect presents they’ll adore. Here are some of the homemade Christmas gift ideas I’m loving this year—I hope my girlfriends don’t see this so it won’t spoil the surprise!


1. Candy Cane Bath Bombs

Your friends are sure to receive a ton of candy canes this season of giving, but what about candy cane bath bombs? What a creative idea to add to your list of homemade Christmas gifts you can DIY! The fresh peppermint smell will help perk up your friend and help her get through those dreary winter mornings.

2. Christmas Candles

These are simply adorable! I would keep these Christmas candles out all year round if I could! Unleash your creativity on a few candles in plain glass holders. These will look amazing on your aunt’s or sister’s mantel!

3. Christmas Spirit Lip Balm

Whoever said you couldn’t bottle up Christmas spirit? This has got to be one of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas because here, you’ve actually captured Christmas spirit and turned it into lip balm! You friends are going to love catching a whiff of the season as they protect their lips from the harsh winter weather.

4. Citrus Body Butter

This all-natural recipe can also be used as a shaving cream. A true multi-tasking product, I’m sure your cousins and sisters will definitely make room for a jar of this in their bathroom cabinets! It’s no trouble at all to whip up a large batch then portion them off into smaller mason jars. Easy!

5. Gingerbread Scrub

Body scrubs are bathroom essentials! This is why a DIY sugar scrub will always be a popular choice among homemade Christmas gift ideas. While there are a lot of different “recipes,” this gingerbread sugar scrub is perfect for the season! It’s like Christmas in a jar!

6. Herb-Infused Olive Oil

If you have a friend or aunt who’s a regular Julia Child, why not gift her with a nice bottle of herb-infused olive oil? These bottles will look great on display in her kitchen, and she’s sure to love embellishing her dishes with flavored olive oil!

7. Jewelry Storage

Do you have friends who can’t seem to stop hoarding accessories? Then this chic DIY jewelry storage will make the perfect Christmas gift. It comes together in minutes but the impression it leaves lasts forever—who wouldn’t want to display this beauty?

8. Key Fobs

And you thought you’d never use that fancy trim you’ve had sitting around your craft box forever. Key fobs are both fun and functional! Make a bunch and you’d have presents handy for friends, co-workers, and your daughter’s friends, too. Plus, these would be great as gift tags on a larger present, too. Get creative with the combinations of trim and ribbon—or better yet, make it a fun activity to do with the little ones!

9. Rose Petal Bath Salts

What a perfect present for your ultra-feminine friend! Roses are just so classy and elegant, don’t you agree? A handful of these rose petal bath salts will surely make any bath extra special. All you need is some epsom salt to start!

10. Snowman Cup

Give the ladies you enjoy your coffee break with a special mug that’s truly festive. All you need are some plain white mugs and a Sharpie! Knock a few of these out for co-workers, your kids’ teachers, or others you know appreciate a cute cup of joe. How about throwing in some DIY hot chocolate mix while you’re at it?

11. Tile Coasters

This project is a great way to use up extra wrapping paper or cute scrapbooking paper you don’t know what to do with. The materials are easy to find and inexpensive too—with minimal effort, you have yourself an awesome gift that’s sure to wow your recipient. Gift these to your friend who loves to entertain! These also make great hostess gifts. Can’t have too many coasters!

12. Vicks Shower Tablets Soothers

Every busy woman will tell you a luxurious and comforting bath is number one on her wish list. Help her wash away the stress of the day and stave off colds and other common winter ailments with these homemade Vicks shower tablets. She’ll feel as if her shower has turned into a spa!

13. Winter Warmers

Practical can still be cute! Warm your girlfriends’ hands and hearts with these adorable reusable winter warmers made from fabric scraps, rice, and essential oils. Don’t you just love the print on these? You can hand-sew these in a jiffy!


Still need a few more homemade Christmas gift ideas to round out your list? Watch this video by Tanya Burr for more:

This list is making me all tingly with crafting excitement and anticipation! With just a few days left til Christmas, I need to get cracking on my homemade Christmas gifts.

Which of these homemade Christmas gift ideas will you definitely be trying this year? Let me know in the comments!

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