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Low Basement Ceiling Ideas | Basement Makeover

Think your basement could use a good finish but the ceiling is too low? No problem. Before I renovated my basement, my ceiling was low. Low enough that I had to duck underneath revealed foundations. But things changed after I adopted a few low basement ceiling ideas to maximize what little head room I had.

Low Basement Ceiling Ideas | Basement Makeover

More and more people are opting to finish their basement in favor of more practical, usable space. With ideas pouring in for low basement ceiling ideas around the web, we’ve taken the liberty of collecting some of the great ideas of people on the internet, who’ve already made over the low ceilings of their own underground spaces.

1. Paneling

Paneling, reared by materials such as noise control foam or cork, can help soundproof your basement. More than that, it takes up less space, giving you more headroom than your usual drop/drywall ceiling. I’m not usually a fan of this, but this works if you have huge pipes running underneath the flooring.

2. Paint It All Black

If you do not wish to spend time or money on rerouting ducts, fixing up your ceiling, or even losing out on more height, you may opt to color your entire ceiling black instead. Painting the entire surface of the ceiling black removes the hassle of having to cover everything up, and at the same time, leaves the most space for headroom and additional lights and things.

3. Use Drywall Ceiling

The common solution for low ceiling problems in basement makeovers is to resort to adding drywall ceilings. It looks simple and it is quite simple to do it yourself. Drywall ceilings are normally painted in white, but you can match your drywall ceilings with the lightest color of the color palette of your house. This is ideal if you’re trying to cover up the wires and pipes that are revealed from the ceiling, but take note that you’ll run the risk of losing more head space.

4. Burlaps and Joists

This may seem like a surprise to many, but in basements, large sheets of burlap applied to the undersides of joists work quite well as a ceiling. You don’t lose much headroom as opposed to using other materials and it looks pretty nice. This is also a good way to mask those pesky panels too.

5. Exposed Ceilings

If you don’t necessarily have to worry about floods, you can opt for wooden ceilings or exposed ceilings. The right arrangement would leave you a lot of headroom easily, while still looking amazing, aesthetically.

Interested in getting more visual cues for your basement makeover? Check out this video by House & Home!

There are many other flavors to low basement ceilings out there. On a personal note, I kind of enjoy working with low ceilings mainly because there’s a lot that you can do to make the basement, or any room for that matter, look bigger and more attractive.

If you have any more low basement ceiling ideas in mind, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below!

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