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Buying A New Garage Door? Know About Standard Garage Door Sizes First

Standard garage door sizes come hand in hand with the structure of the car. In addition, the number of vehicles to come through that door may also be a factor. Of course, you don't want a garage door size that's too big 'cause that'd just be wasteful. On the other hand, a door too small or narrow make it hard for the car to pass through. Check out the standard garage door sizes to find the perfect match for your car!

Buying A New Garage Door? Know About Standard Garage Door Sizes First

As we all know, sedans, SUV's, and even recreational vans all differ in sizes. As such, there are standard garage door sizes that fit them perfectly. In fact, these dimensions are actually designed for such vehicles to fit right through. Take a look at all these door sizes and pick the right one for your needs!

Sedan Garage Doors – 8 x 7 ft

Sedans are typically stout and have average width. So, the best garage door could be an 8 x 7 feet garage door. This leaves ample space for vertical and horizontal clearance.

Garage Doors For Sports Utility Vehicles – 9 x 7 or 10 x 7 ft


For larger cars like an SUV, it's good to have a wider and taller door say, a 9 x 7 or 10 x 7. While an 8 x 7-foot garage door will suffice, there's little to no room on top. When there's cargo on top of your car, it might get caught up on the ceiling.

Doors For Trucks – 10 x 7 ft

Trucks can be the widest of all the common private vehicles. Consequently, you might want to size up that garage door as well so your truck can fit. A good 10 x 7-foot garage door can easily accommodate your truck!

Recreational Van Garage Doors – 12 x 14 ft

Talking about a mobile home, you'd naturally expect it to be really bulky. In addition, some of these RV's have greater vertical lengths thus needing higher clearance. With this in mind, a good 12 x 14-foot door will work best.

Standard 2-Car Garage Doors – 16 x 8 ft

If you've got two cars to park in the garage, the 16 x 8-foot door will also suffice. That is if having a single huge door is your preference.

2-and-1 Garage Doors – 16 x 8 and 9 x 8 ft

While some prefer to have two cars, larger and more stable families may be able to afford a third or even a fourth car. For 3-car garages, standard 2-and-1 garage doors measure 16 x 8 and 9 x 8 feet. This makes room for two cars to enter the 16-foot wide door and have the larger one on the 9 x 8.

Standard Double Garage Doors(12 x 7 feet)

Another option for standard garage door sizes is a 12 x 7-foot one. In case you're wondering why it's a little too small for two cars, some just actually use the space for storage.

Standard Double Garage Doors – 14 x 7 feet

The same concept applies to the 14 x 7-foot garage doors. However, you can accommodate an ATV or even a golf cart on the free space next to your car.

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial buildings expect lots and lots of cars to park in their space. In addition, huge delivery trucks may also pass through. So a good 32 x 24 feet commercial garage door is what suits the job best.

Roll Up Garage Doors

Lastly, the biggest garage doors are roll up doors that could span 30 feet wide and soar 24 feet tall. These enormous doors can definitely fit delivery trucks of all sizes without a problem!

Watch this video from Ask the Decorator for more different garage door styles! 

There's always a solution to your garage door needs. Standard garage door sizes are built to fit different types of vehicles in case you want to switch them out. If you've got an opinion about these doors, tell us through the comments below!

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