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DIY Soy Candles | 15 Addictive Scents You Will Love

Nothing beats the relaxing glow and aroma of DIY soy candles! Quick and easy homemade candles are my favorite, and any of these incredible DIY soy candles can be whipped up in just a few minutes!

DIY Soy Candles | 15 Scents To Awaken Your Senses

Personally, I find scented candles calming and relaxing, and I really love the warm feeling they generate when lit. Don’t you? Lighting candles and taking in their scent after a long day is a lovely treat for the weary senses. If you love candles as much as I do, why not try something different and make some DIY soy candles in the comfort of your own home? Once you’re feeling stressed, light your homemade candle and relax. You’ve earned it!


1. Lavender Rosemary Scented Candles

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Lavender is one of my favorite fragrances. Add some rosemary and it becomes sheer heaven! Making your own lavender rosemary scented candles will give you the rich and floral aroma of the French countryside.


2. DIY Pine Scented Candles

This pine soy candle will help boost your festive holiday spirit. Pine helps relieve stress and bring about festive and happy thoughts. Take some deep breaths and see yourself strolling through a peaceful pine valley. Pine is additionally known to relieve sinus infections, skin conditions, and strengthen the immune system.

3. Cinnamon Soy Candles

Check out DIY Soy Candles | 15 Addictive Scents You Will Love at

Get addicted to this fragrant combination of cinnamon, blue spruce, and pine cones. Let this easy to follow tutorial on cinnamon soy candle guide you through. Cinnamon is one of those scents known for waking you up and refreshing your senses.


4. Chai Soy Candles

Check out DIY Soy Candles | 15 Addictive Scents You Will Love at

Do you love chai lattes? Try this chai soy candle to naturally bring some autumn bliss indoors. This recipe has the delicate aroma of baking spices – cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon.


5. Pumpkin Pie Candle

Check out DIY Soy Candles | 15 Addictive Scents You Will Love at

This pumpkin pie candle is a fabulous fall candle idea. You can pour the candle directly into a small pumpkin for a rustic table decoration. Can also be a perfect Thanksgiving gift or an accessory to your big turkey feast!


6. Coconut Scented Soy Candle

Coconut oil is a great, versatile ingredient, and will give you a more natural coconut scent than anything you will find in the store. Coconut, warm water, and sand! This coconut-scented soy candle is very beachy and summery – sure to bring back fond memories of good times.


7. Vanilla Cupcake Soy Candle

Check out DIY Soy Candles | 15 Addictive Scents You Will Love at

This is one of my favorites! Looks so good, I just want to take a bite! Vanilla is an incredible scent that helps reduce anxiety and stress, a welcome scent after a very long and tiring day.


8. French Lavender Soy Candle

Check out DIY Soy Candles | 15 Addictive Scents You Will Love at

Feel the breeze of the South of France by making this homemade French lavender candle. It has a luxurious scent that belies its more functional aspects and will surely transform any room into a cozy haven.


9. Mandarin Mint Soy Candle

I love the combination of mint and citrus; I’m sure you will, too! Peppermint is known to enhance memory, improve concentration, decrease drowsiness, and thus helps in lessening headaches and irritability. If you want to maximize productivity, this Mandarin mint soy candle will help you out.


10. Citronella Soy Candles

Check out DIY Soy Candles | 15 Addictive Scents You Will Love at

As the colder weather sets in, bugs are definitely getting less prolific, but keep this citronella soy candle handy in case any airborne pests linger. They are perfect for warding off mosquitoes without harming the good bugs, like spiders and ladybugs.


11. Strawberry Lemonade

I love the pinkish color! Definitely, I will be trying this one as it brings visions of warm sunshine and long summer days. This strawberry lemonade candle will be of great help in keeping the winter blues at bay.


12. Eucalyptus Soy Candle

Eucalyptus is always my go-to scent whenever I catch a cold, so you can imagine how excited this candle makes me! Burning this eucalyptus soy candle is like breathing in the essence of eucalyptus’ fresh picked leaves, with some hints of earthiness.


13. Tea Infused Candles

Check out DIY Soy Candles | 15 Addictive Scents You Will Love at

The next time the mood for a peaceful atmosphere strikes, fill your home with the soothing aroma of tea-infused soy candles. These all-natural, homemade candles will give you the relaxing environment you’ve been dreaming about all week long.


14. Funfetti Candles

If you want to celebrate your sweet tooth, these colorful cupcake-scented candles are a must-try! These festive homemade confetti candles make a great gift for family and friends, favors for a baby shower, or beautiful decor for a birthday party.


15. Orange Blossom Soy Candle

The gentle citrus scent of orange blossoms come alive in this all natural DIY soy candle. The zesty, fresh orange scent will take you back to all those amazing Saturday mornings in your backyard. No better way to bring joy and happiness into your home!


Still got time for one more DIY soy candle? Check out this video from HomeCandleCreations:

The warmth of a candle flame has been proven to do good for the body and mind. There is nothing like a bit of self-indulgent pampering whether for yourself or for your special someone, and what better way to indulge than a beautifully-scented homemade soy candle. Start making your own DIY soy candles and enjoy its relaxing aroma all year long.

Which of these DIY soy candles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on March 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy. 


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