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9 Rustic Home Projects That Will Help You Stay Organized

rustic home projects

Rustic home projects like the ones listed below will keep your home organized and beautiful. We really love rustic themes; they add an air of charm and comfort that are often lacking in many of these modern designs. If you love shabby chic them these diy rustic home projects are perfect for you.

9 Rustic DIY Projects

1)   Do it Yourself – Floating Shelves

This addition, as long as it’s made out of stained boards, can be an amazing addition to any rustic home. They appear to ‘float’ along the wall but they’re really set into the wall. Perfect for housing momentous, glasses, books and much more this addition to the home is an amazing way to add some modern but rustic style without breaking the bank.  

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2)   Rustic Home Projects – Rolling Bookcase

A rolling bookcase at first doesn’t sound like it may be helpful. You just put a bookcase somewhere and usually don’t move it right? Wrong. This rolling bookcase is an amazing addition to your home and can help you store a vast array of books in between different shelves or even in different rooms depending on the space that you have available to you.

rustic home projects
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3)   Do it Yourself – Regular Pallet Bookshelf

If you’re looking for something more permanent you can always opt to build your own bookcase. These bookcases are simple, customizable and foolproof to make. With very little difficulty you can patch together a bookcase that has an amazing amount of space for books, knickknacks or any other items you may want the vertical space for. Never underestimate the power of vertical space, or how easily and cheaply you can build a stunning bookcase.

rustic home projects
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4)   Rustic Home Projects – Knife Rack

This one is best used if you’re sure that there is no one in your house that shouldn’t be using knives, like small children. You can add magnets to a section of 2×4 and then screw it into the wall. Bam, nice and easy and you get to display the knives you usually use in a quick efficient and stunning manner that makes you appear both rustic and sophisticated. Check out this easy tutorial.

rustic home projects
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5)   Do it Yourself – Bathroom Mirror 

The bathroom is the least sophisticated room of the house, when you’ve gotta go you don’t necessarily worry about what your home bathroom looks like, but when you have friends over, it is very important to be a good host or hostess and to tackle the bathroom problem head on. Changing up the bathroom mirror is one way you can manage to make your bathroom look amazing. With some more pallets and a keen eye you can build a cupboard around the mirror for extra storage, just like this one by shanty-2-chic.

rustic home projects
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6)   Rustic Home Projects – Crate Wall Storage

It isn’t often that people think of crates when they think of wall storage. Usually you just go out and get a bookshelf, but if you’re going for a rustic feel that’s not going to be an option. Making your own bookshelf might work sure, but buying some crates and some metal arms is much easier. Paint as need be and set them up, they make for neat shelves with a deep rustic feel.

rustic home projects
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7)   Do it Yourself – Mason jar Organizer

The bathroom, even with those amazing shelves, can still be a little cluttered, take a peek at the different walls you have available. Vertical space is everything, make a cute stained pallet board wall addition and fasten some mason jars into it at your desire, you can put everything from Q-Tips to make up brushes in those jars and have them readily available no matter the time of day. Skinnymeg shows us a cool and creative way to make use of old mason jars

rustic home projects
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8)   Rustic Home Projects – Blanket Ladder

Sometimes you get guests, and sometimes those guests have to stay overnight due to inclement weather. When this happens make sure blankets are always available to them, they deserve and have earned that right at least. It takes nothing more than a wooden ladder and some folded blankets to ensure your guests know that there is always a little warmth right around the corner for them. The blanket ladder isn’t only for use though, it’s also a nice addition for show and tells everyone how amazingly hospitable you are while also showing them that you’re ready for anything life may throw you.

rustic home projects
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9)   Do it Yourself – The Storage Chest

The storage chest is an awesome addition to any entryway especially if it has a rustic feel to it it’s important to note that not all storage chests will fit in your entryway. Building one yourself is the best option to ensure you get the most out of your space. Take your time when putting your chest together, you want to be sure it will hold everything you want it to while at the same time allowing you to sit and move about with little to no hindrance to yourself or others.

rustic home projects
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When it comes to organization it’s essential to stay organized. Fighting the procrastination and organization problems makes for a difficult time. These organization hacks though incorporate organization into your everyday life, making it easier and more efficient to just stay organized in the first place. The rustic touch makes your home look much more sophisticated and classy while at the same time appearing minimalistic and carefree without giving off an irresponsible vibe.

Rustic themes and styles are now the new classy and sophisticated, it’s more than important to get a handle on your décor along with your organization. When things look goo you’re often proud of them and you want them to keep looking good, so you go out of your way to ensure that you don’t have an issue in relation to organization. It’s extremely important to stay organized, but who says organization can’t end up being classy?

Have you tried any of these rustic home projects, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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