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DIY Clothes | How to Make Skinny Jeans Out of Old Jeans [VIDEO]

How to Make Skinny Jeans Out of Old Jeans

Tighter is tight.

Skinny jeans aren’t a passing fad for one simple reason: they look fantastic! I know, it sounds unintuitive: skin-hugging clothing that actually looks flattering on average people. But it’s true. By hugging our hips and making or legs look long and limber, skinny jeans have proven their staying power.

So what do you do with all those un-hip boot cut and flare jeans taking up space in your closet? Whip out your DIY skills and convert them to sleek new skinny jeans. Duh!

Follow I Am With Wendy‘s easy-to-follow tutorial and turn jeans like this…

Into these…

(Just a heads up — this tutorial involves some intermediate sewing. If you’re a sewing novice or total beginner, you can still do it, but proceed with caution. We recommend that you first test out the technique on a pair of jeans you wouldn’t mind tossing. )

Grab a pair uber uncool flare jeans and watch the video tutorial:

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