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12 Cool Back to School DIY Kids Clothes Ideas And Projects

Take a look at this roundup of back to school DIY kids clothes sure to make your day! If you've checked your back-to-school clothes shopping list and found yourself overwhelmed, there is still time to salvage your budget. It's time to take out the sewing machine, flex those fingers, and get crafting with these DIY fashion projects! We have skirts, shorts, and tops school kids will definitely dig. And best of all, your kid will have something new to wear every day without you spending a fortune!

Back to School DIY Kids Clothes Ideas On a Budget!


1. DIY Girl's Skirt Pattern with a Pocket

With the right fabric, color, and pattern you can give a whole new look to a simple skirt or pair of shorts.  Grab your favorite fabric and start this DIY clothes for school sewing project. Add a pair of cute pockets which are sure to come in handy.

2. Summer Bow Top Shirt

Here's a super easy and fun back to school DIY kids clothes inspiration that will have your kid ready for the bus in no time. All you need is a ribbon. You will be blown by this fantastic DIY clothes inspiration. A simple ribbon can totally transform a basic tank top for your kid.

3. DIY Cardigan

Need an upcycling project? If you have an old felted sweater, you can turn it into a cardigan with these easy steps. You will need a couple more of these comfy sweaters as the weather cools and the temperature drops in the fall.

4. The Double Layer Square Circle Skirt

An easy DIY clothes inspiration you can replicate for your little girl. Two squares of fabric and an elastic for the waistband makes this easy Tinkerbell-inspired skirt.

5. Sew a Quilted Jacket for Kids

Here's an adorable and cozy sewing project you can make before the cold school days come. This quilted jacket is a fun project to make for your kid, even though quilting can be tricky. It is something to be proud of, and it's quite worth your time and effort.

6. Vintage Suspender Shirts, DIY Boys Overalls

This suspenders tutorial and pattern are for babies, but I'm sure you can make the necessary adjustments for your little man. Get your kid looking cute and adorable on his first day of school in a pair of classic suspenders you proudly made yourself.

7. Twirly Fun T-Shirt Dress to Sew for Girls

Your little girl will look so lovely wearing this DIY twirly dress. This is a perfect way to use up excess fabric cuttings you saved. You can't go wrong with this trendy boho dress design for your little ones.

8. Fabric Suspenders

A super easy DIY project you can make to add to your boy's ensemble. This classic accessory will boost a simple pair of trousers or shorts for your boys. You can also make these nifty suspenders from excess fabric cuttings, as you won't be needing much.

9. Superhero Flip Shirt

Every kid wants to be a superhero, and this shirt will have them flying to throw it on. For this DIY kids clothes project, we are doing a simple DIY T-shirt printing project. T-shirt printing is a fantastic way to upcycle old clothes into new. From this DIY clothes idea, you might want to make your own designs and make more back to school DIY kids clothes.

10. How to Sew a Mermaid Skirt

Does your daughter fancy being a mermaid? Here's a mermaid skirt that will help her come close to that dream. This might not be something she'll be wearing every day to school, but we're sure it'll come handy for a school affair or special program.

11. Raglan Shirt

If you love this pattern then I'm also sure you'll love making it. So get your free pattern here and sew your school kids some raglan shirts they can rock at school. This super trendy and comfy piece of clothing is one DIY project you have to get into. You can even make one for each member of the family.

12. Easy DIY T-shirt Sewing Pattern for Boys

Ever wanted to make a t-shirt from scratch? This sewing tutorial will show you how. T-shirts are a staple clothing article anyone can wear everywhere. This is one DIY project you cannot miss.


Get more back to school DIY kids clothes ideas here in this video from JENeration DIY:

There you have it, fashion DIY-ers and practical moms! Some of the best back to school kids clothes you can make for your pre- or grade-schoolers. Now you know your way out of breaking the bank with DIY clothes hacks for your kids. Get your DIY spirit on the roll and get working on these DIY kids outfits!

Which back to school DIY kids clothes are you making before school starts? We'd be delighted to know from your comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published 0n September 7, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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