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How to Make a Snare Trap with Paracord

How to make a snare trap with paracord:

These instructions and tutorial will show you how to use paracord and sticks to create a basic snare that will increase your probability of catching something in the wild. Let’s get started on this cool paracord project that is one of our favorite survival DIY ideas!

Supplies you need to build a paracord snare trap:

  • Pair of gloves
  • Sticks
  • Paracord
  • Ax
  • Knife

Check out this awesome video that shows you how to make this awesome paracord trap:

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Step 1: Choose a location for your trap

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First thing you need to consider is location. Be patient. Look for nests in trees, wholes in trees and trails the animal may be traveling. This could take up to 15 minutes, so take your time. Here’s an opening of a tree where we will set the snare trap:

Step 2: Remove bark

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Put on your gloves to cover your scent. To get started, grab your stick and remove some of the bark with your axe.

Step 3: Make a point on stick

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Using your ax or knife, put a point at the end of the stick. This will aid in pushing it into the ground.

Step 4: Measure and cut paracord

Grab your paracord and measure out about three hand lengths of cord.

Step 5: Pull out center strands of paracord

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Pull out the center strands. You will only need to use one strand for this snare.

Step 6: Make a notch on point for cord

Get your knife (or ax) and stake. Make a notch on the opposite end of the point you just made. This will keep the paracord string in place.

Step 7: Hammer stake into ground

Check out How to Make a Snare Trap with Paracord at

You are ready to set you trap. Go to your site and hammer the stake in the ground at an angle.

Step 8: Measure height off ground

Take the paracord end and open the hole to about a fists width and make it a hands width off the ground:

Step 9: Use sticks to support knot

Check out How to Make a Snare Trap with Paracord at

Use sticks to support the opening of the noose knot.


Good luck! We hope we helped you learn how to build a snare trap!

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  1. AvatarDonald says

    this is great But can ya’ll show us how to make a good one from braided
    wire to catch a pig or a tougher critter? I have a bunch of the wire
    but need to know what type of slide parts/and ways to rig. I live on $825 per month & Tx’s just took $225 of that a month from me. I’m fighting to get it back but I still have to keep putting stuff together for “SHTF” days….lol, I’d thank ya just for links. I get so
    tired of searching(some depression there too) but staying bust is best…thank ya’ll digginya

    • AvatarMike L. says

      You can get your pig with a shotgun better than you can snare him. But if you must, try a log drop snare triggered by a figure 4 trip. Make sure the log is heavy enough to lift the pig off the ground when he gets snared and trips the trigger.

  2. AvatarTrev says

    While this is an excellent Idea another way of doing this is if there is a sappling nearby you can bend the sampling down and use a strand of paracord to tie it bent over using a small stick, THEN have the noose going from that strand or from the small stick. That way when a critter gets inside the noose he will knock the small stick out of the ground and the sampling will snap up killing it really fast. You could even put a bell on the sappling so you know when the snare is tripped.


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