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19 Healthy Smoothies that Do the Body Good





19 Healthy Smoothies That Do The Body Good |

Want to know how to make a smoothie? If you're looking for healthy smoothie recipes that will boost your energy and fill you up, then this is the list for you. Make these quick and easy smoothies any time you want.

I love smoothies! Ever since I've decided to be healthier, this has been my go to snack and breakfast. Having something you can make in minutes is something every mom can appreciate. Not only do I have this for breakfast, but it's also a good way to have the kids get their greens and fruits without any objections.

So if you're looking for a healthy breakfast smoothie to fill you up until lunch time or a post-workout drink, then this list of healthy smoothies is for you. From green smoothies to delicious combinations, you won't believe you're sipping something healthy and nutritious.

Healthy Smoothies | Smoothie Recipes


1. Pear and Herb Smoothie

Yummy Green Healthy Smoothie Recipe |
via DIY Projects

Get the combination of sweet, delicate pear blended with refreshing cilantro and mint, and just a slight kick from the freshly ground ginger makes this the perfect smoothie to start off your day! Click here to read more!


2. Berry Green Smoothie

Get an extra anti-oxidant boost with this berry delicious smoothie. Get the recipe here.


3. Green Apple Smoothie

A smoothie recipe that's vegan, Paleo and gluten-free. If that doesn't sound healthy, I don't know what is. Check the recipe here.


4. Healthy Mango and Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Here's a smoothie recipe that requires only three ingredients. You don't even have to add sugar! Find out how to make it here.


5. Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

Healthy can also be so delicious. It's totally okay to get addicted to this yummy smoothie. Check the recipe here.


6. Pina Colada Smoothie with Honey and Fruit

The perfect smoothie to sip this Summer. You won't even realize it's healthy. Get the recipe here.


7. Natural Orange Julius

If you can't make the real Orange Julius (because it just has so much ingredients), this homemade smoothie recipe will get you by. Recipe here.


8. Black Forest Smoothie

Is it a dessert? No, it's a healthy smoothie! Get the recipe here.


9. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I just love it when the ingredients aren't more than three items. Make it by following these steps.


10. Layered Mixed-Berry Green Power Smoothie

Need some extra power to start your day? Try this for breakfast. Get the recipe here.


11. Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Shake

Another smoothie recipe you won't believe is healthy. Check it out here.


12. Green Galaxy Smoothie

You'll be seeing stars with one sip of this amazing breakfast smoothie. Get the recipe here.


13. Almond Joy Strawberry Smoothie

Get ready to have a joyful morning everyday with this smoothie recipe. Check it out here.


14. Tropical Mango-Spinach Smoothie

Fall in love with this dairy-free and gluten-free smoothie that will take you to the tropics. Get the recipe here.


15. Avocado Berry Smoothie

Give your usual berry smoothie a twist with avocados. Check it out here.


16. Pineapple Upside-down Strawberry Smoothie

A thick smoothie you'll eat with a spoon. Get the recipe here.


17. Vanilla Peach Oat Smoothie

Try it for breakfast or as a post-workout drink. However you want to, I'm sure you'll love this. Check it out here.


18. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

My two favorite sweet treats combined. It doesn't get any better than this. Get the recipe here.


19. Coconut Cherry Smoothie

Have something to look forward to every morning. Get the recipe here.


Did you enjoy our list of healthy smoothies? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on smoothie recipes. Do you have any other healthy recipes you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try. We love doing cool DIY projects by making craft projects, home decor projects, upcycling ideas, recipes, tutorials and anything you can do yourself. That’s why we created this site, we want people to be more in touch with their creative side and realize that there’s a lot of things that they can do themselves. We’d love to hear from you and create a community of DIY enthusiasts where any project is just a click away. Stay connected with us on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram!


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