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51 Fun Summer Activities You Can DIY!

Feature | A group of people dancing at the beach | Fun Summer Activities You Can DIY!

Don’t let the hot season pass you by without doing some fun summer activities! If you’re concerned about the cost, don’t be because I’ve made a list of fun things you can DIY.

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In this article:

  1. DIY Fun Summer Recipes
  2. DIY Fun Summer Home Decor
  3. DIY Summer Fashion Ideas for Ladies
  4. DIY Summer Fashion Ideas for Men
  5. DIY Fun Summer Fitness Activities
  6. DIY Fun Summer Activities at Home
  7. Don’t Forget Anything This DIY Summer!
  8. DIY Fun Summer Travel Plans!
  9. DIY Fun Summer Music Festivals
  10. DIY Outdoor Summer Activities
  11. DIY Fun Summer Beach Activities
  12. DIY Fun Summer Activities for Pets

Fun Summer Activities to Try for the Season

Exciting Things You Can Do This Summer

From food to makeup to your next summer destination, you won’t be short of exciting things to do all summer long! Just keep on scrolling and don’t forget to share these fun summer activities and ideas with your friends and family.

Summer is always better with some company, and we’ve got something in here for everyone!

Have the Best Summer Ever

Hooray for summer! I have to say this is the most anticipated season of the year, and boy does it flown by!

My head is spinning with fun summer activities to do this year! My kids have been planning what they still want to do too, and like the good Mom that I am, I decided to help them out by making the ultimate summer activities list.

Don’t worry, this list isn’t just for kids. There’s a little something for everyone.

So, find out how you can have a blast this summer!

1. Throw a Beach-Themed Party


Can’t go to the beach? No problem!

Take the beach to you and have fun even if you’re high and dry. Get all the ideas you’ll need here.

When it turns dark, have this DIY smartphone projector ready for some movie time.


DIY Fun Summer Recipes

2. Pinwheel Appetizer


Start them off with this recipe. It’s one of the best party foods you can prepare this summer.

Get the recipe here.

3. Best Summer Drink Recipes


Cool down with these refreshing drink recipes. From sparkling summer melon slushies to double apple iced tea, they’re all guaranteed to help you beat the heat.

4. Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade


If you want something boozy, this is the perfect cocktail recipe!

5. Summer Desserts


Make popsicle in many ways. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with the kids and kids at heart!

6. Summer Backyard BBQ Ideas


Why just have a party when you can have a BBQ? Get all the ideas and recipes you need here.

But, don’t forget to practice safety when grilling of course!

7. 5 Foods to Never Eat During Summer


With all the partying and eating, don’t forget to avoid these 5 foods. These foods may lead to fatigue and decreased digestion (just to name a few effects) so stay clear!

Level up your water with these detox water recipes!


DIY Fun Summer Home Decor

8. Beachy Living Room Ideas


Everything has to match with summer even your living room. See how you can spruce it up with these unique ideas.

9. Summer Floral Centerpiece


What’s summer without flowers, right? Take your pick from these eye-catching floral centerpiece ideas perfect for summer!

10. DIY Outdoor Lantern Ideas


With the amazing weather and all the parties you’ll be throwing, complete your decoration with some outdoor lanterns. The party is already planned, and the decorations are in place.

Next thing you have to worry about is you.


DIY Summer Fashion Ideas for Ladies

11. Women’s Summer Fashion Ideas


It’s all about preparation. Be sure to fish these combinations out of your closet or head to the nearest store.

Check them out here.

12. Day-to-Night Summer Outfit


Planning to be out all day and all night? I have you covered with these outfit ideas.

You can thank me later.

13. Work Outfits for Summer


A girl can dream that you won’t have to work this season, but we still have to face reality. Stay stylish with these summer work outfits.


DIY Summer Fashion Ideas for Men

14. Men’s Summer Fashion Ideas


No need to experiment this summer. Here’s your guide to summer fashion that’s not only iconic but also timeless.

15. Light Wash Jeans Look


Men love their jeans, and that’s a fact. Keep it light this season with these light wash jeans look.


DIY Fun Summer Hairstyles, Nails, and Makeup

16. Short Summer Hairstyles


Summer is the perfect time to chop those locks. Here are some great ideas for all sassy ladies out there.

17. Long Summer Hairstyles


Still want to keep it long? Then, try one or all of these summer hairstyles!

18. Go Pink with This Hot Summer Hair Color


Feel like going a little crazy? Then try this new trend celebrities are going gaga over – pink hair!

19. Summer Makeup Ideas


You’ve seen them on the runway, and now it’s time to recreate them. See these ideas here.

20. Cute Lipstick Shades for Summer


If you’re a mom like me who only has time to apply lipstick, then you’ll love these shades!

21. Tropical Neon Flower Nail Art


Looking for a bright and fun floral nail art? Check out these flowery designs!

22. Fruit Nail Art


Not really a fan of flowers? Then try going fruity instead in this guide.

23. Nautical Nail Art


Going on a cruise? Nautical nails are just what you need. Try it this summer!

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DIY Fun Summer Fitness Activities

It’s never too late to do a little workout for summer.

24. Which Way to the Beach?


Sun’s out, guns out! Lead the way to the beach with your best arms of the season with this routine.

25. Hot Yoga


Want to keep it light? Then do yoga.

Find out all the great benefits hot yoga has to offer. When you’re done, grab any one of these healthy summer drinks.


DIY Fun Summer Activities at Home

Don’t feel like going out? Keep yourself occupied with these at-home summer activities.

26. Cheap DIY Home Projects for Summer


Give your home a makeover without blowing your budget. From the patio to the kitchen, you’ll find something to work on from this list.

27. Cool Summer Crafts


Just want to tinker? Then these cool summer crafts will keep you busy.

28. DIY Crochet Top


Why buy when you can crochet your own top? Get the tutorial here.

29. Cute Pants and Summer Shorts


One can never have too many pants and shorts. See all the sewing projects here.

30. Summer Tote Bags


The beach is never a place for designer bags. Store them away and start making one of these summer tote bags.

Number 9 is brilliant!

31. 25 Types of Flowers to Plant for Summer


Fill your garden with flowers and see what the best types to plant are here.

32. Summer Garden Crops


Self-sufficiency knows no season. See what garden crops you can grow in summer.

33. Read a Book… or Seven


Okay, maybe you don’t have to be at home to do this. But, I’m sure you’ll love all of these summer reads. 

34. Chill to 90s Pop Songs for Summer


Have a trip down the memory lane with these pop songs from your favorite boy bands from the 90s. Give in to this guilty pleasure.


Don’t Forget Anything This DIY Summer!

Before I list down the places and activities you can do, make sure you’re ready first!

35. Summer Garden Care Checklist


You won’t come home to withered flowers and crops if you follow this checklist before you leave for your vacation.

36. Travel Packing Checklist

Here’s another checklist you must have. The list has everything you need to bring when traveling.

Be sure to have all your summer beauty essentials for your skin, too!

37. On-the-Go Makeup Routine for Summer


With all the traveling you’ll be doing, you may not get all the time you want to prepare. The solution: on-the-go makeup tricks!


DIY Fun Summer Travel Plans!

You may or may not be able to fit in some last minute travel plans. But, if it’s too late, there’s always planning ahead for next year (the earlier you book, the cheaper the fare!)

Take your pick and have fun!

Want to let the stars decide where you’re going? Find out the perfect travel destination for you here.


DIY Fun Summer Music Festivals

Be surrounded by people who also love summer, music, and fashion. Be music festival ready with these ideas:

39. Top DIY Festival Looks for Ladies


It’s really about being yourself and letting go. But, if you want to DIY your way to your festival look, take your pick here.

40. Music Festival Outfits for Men


Men shouldn’t be left behind in the music festival fashion race. There’s so much more than t-shirts and jeans.

See the outfits here.


DIY Outdoor Summer Activities

41. The Longest Hiking Trails


Connect with nature and satisfy the urge to have an adventure this summer by taking one of these long trails. If you’re in the UK, check out walks nearby over here.

42. Campfire Recipes


When it’s time to camp, be sure to know a couple of these campfire recipes. They’re easy to make especially when you know different kinds of campfire cooking methods. 

43. Camping Lunch Ideas


If you want something a little more lunch specific, these recipes are just what you need.


DIY Fun Summer Beach Activities

Can summer ever be complete without going to the beach? Here are some fun summer activities you can do there!

44. Bikini Ideas


I’m sure you won’t be caught without looking hot in your bikini at the beach. Here are some bikini ideas you can choose from.

I’m even throwing in tips on buying swimsuits!

45. Super Fun Free Things to Do at the Beach


Now that you’re ready, don’t just sit around. Do some fun things at the beach, and best of all, it’s free!

46. Throw a Beach Wedding

Wait, what? This isn’t a must but just in case you need to help a loved one throw a beach wedding.

These are the essential must-haves.

47. Attend a Summer Wedding


If you’re just attending, might as well look your best. The traditional look may not work in such a reception, so here are a couple of choices you can try.


DIY Fun Summer Activities for Pets

Don’t forget your pets and animals! I’m sure you’re having the time of your life, but how about your beloved pets and livestock?

They need some summer love, too.

48. How to Keep Cats Cool


People are not the only ones prone to dehydration, heatstroke, and sunburn. Cats get that too.

So, keep them cool and comfy with these cat caring tips.

49. Keep Barn Animals Cool


Your livestock is your livelihood. Be prepared with these homesteading tips so your barn animals won’t get stressed with the summer heat.

50. Summer Dog Toy


Dogs love to play, and with the heat of summer, let them do that while cooling off at the same time. Choose from these fantastic dog toys that your pet needs this summer!

51. Preserve and Treasure Your Summer Memories


With all the fun things you did and all the new experiences you tried, I’m sure you’d want to have a way to look back. Keep those memories safe and preserve them with these fun and creative ideas.


Listen and watch this summer soundtrack: summer by Calvin Harris? Enjoy!


With these fun summer activities and ideas, you’ll never run out of things to do and enjoy during the season. Make the most out of these ideas and never let the high temperature hinder you from doing what you love!

What are your summer plans and other fun summer activities? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 2, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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