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11 DIY Game Night Ideas

Addicted to game night? These 11 DIY Game Night Ideas will make your upcoming parties totally special. 

DIY Game Night Ideas

DIY Game Night Ideas

I love spring! The fact that the cold weather is finally over and the warmth is once again coming back to conquer the winter chill get’s me very excited. Iit’s not just the warmth that gets me looking forward to spring; it’s the games. I love getting together with friends and family and hosting game nights. So I did some research and found 11 DIY Game Night Ideas that I just had to share with you.

1. Backyard Kerplunk

Who doesn’t love a classic? This game has all the excitement for a DIY Game Night you could possibly need. The object of the game? To be the person who has knocked down the least amount of balls. Yet as each stake gets removed that goal becomes harder and harder. Play it 1 on 1 or with a group and see which competitive team can take home the gold.


2. Battle Ship Shots

The wonderful children’s board game –now for adults. What I love about this game is all you need is a table, paper, a divider (could be anything like cardboard), a pen and shot glasses. This just might be the easiest DIY Game Night Idea out there. Get everyone together and see who can get sunk in this version of Battle Ship.


3. Backyard Cardboard Ring Toss

This is definitely a game that is needed if anyone is bringing kids to the party. A lightweight safer version of “Hore-Shoes,” is an easy way to get everyone outside this spring. Not only can you decorate your ring however you want, which I’m sure everyone will enjoy doing, but the clean up on this game is almost non-existent.


4. Card Cookies

Now I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but what is a party without some sweets? If I see a plate of cookies at a party, that is where you will find me for the majority of the night. This Card Cookie idea is sure to have everyone talking about your creativity while allowing them to get their sugar fix.


5. Drink Labels

Depending on what kind of party you are planning on throwing, this Drink Label idea will come in handy. Everyone knows that as soon as Uncle Dave has had a few, he starts going for the closest drink he can find, this is a  sure way to make him keep his hand on his own drink.


6. DIY Guess Who

What better way to get into the celebration of a party by playing Guess Who with all your friends faces on it? This personally might be my favorite DIY Game Night Idea that I have seen. That embarrassing picture of your friend Jenny at the last office party would need to make an appearance in this game.


7. DIY Jenga

This fun idea has endless possibilities. To start all you need is Jenga, chalkboard paint, and a chalk pen, and your game night is in for a treat. You could put anything you wanted on these little blocks. Always wanted to see your sister try to break dance? Well now with this game, if your lucky,  you can.

8. Backyard Beer Pong

If you have a big yard I think this game is a must. There are always those athletic guys at the party that are just waiting to show off their skills in sports. Well bring out the garbage bins and a soccer ball and let the games begin. For added fun with this game, why not fill up each bin with water, and as each person makes a shot, the loser has to get drenched by the bin.

9. Painted Eggs

This DIY Game Night Idea is not for those who don’t like getting a little messy. This game would be great for a party of all ages whether you’re throwing  these egg paint bombs on canvas, paper, or a bunch of people in white shirts who are running around your backyard; everyone will enjoy this game.

10. Backyard Angry Birds

This phone game phenomenon seemed to come out of nowhere. Now it is everywhere — including movie theaters. So if you have a big backyard, or you’re throwing your party at a park, why not turn it into a war zone of Angry Birds.

11. Backyard Scrabble

I have a confession to make: I love Scrabble. I can’t give you a reason, but ever since I was a kid, I have been playing that game and trying to get away with words that aren’t words. The idea of playing this game on a large scale in my backyard is a must for me. Everyone pull up a chair and see who can beat who in this DIY Game Night Idea.

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