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12 DIY Baby Toys Your Precious Ones Will Love

Give those common, store-bought toys a break. Here are 12 cute and fun DIY baby toys you can easily recreate to give your little darling a safe and fun playtime.

12 Fun And Fascinating DIY Baby Toys

Babies love exploring and tinkering with practically anything, and it’s both fun and educational for them to play with interesting toys. But it can get costly to keep purchasing name-brand baby toys, so why not DIY it? Your precious one will surely love playing with these DIY toys and best of all, you won’t feel sorry when the time to put them in the recycling bin comes. These are definitely something very easy to make and customize without hurting your wallet! But of course, never leave your baby unsupervised with a baby toy, DIY or otherwise. Always practice caution when it comes to your little ones!


1. Stuffed Animal

Create two great things with one shot: recycle and create for your little one adorable stuffed animals she/he can cuddle anytime and have some comfort.


2. Fabric Baby Rings

These fabric baby rings are the perfect mind-stimulating game. Your baby will simply enjoy and love it. The rings that are normally made from wood or plastic are now fluffy and soft, making it more encouraging to play with.


3. Baby Fabric Beach Balls

Practice your baby’s hand and eye coordination by tossing this delicate ball at him or her. You can toss it as hard as you need with no dread of accidentally hitting and hurting your baby. Plus, the patterns and colors of the fabric will stimulate his senses, too.


4. Little Lion Soft Rattle

This delightful little lion soft rattle will rapidly turn into your child’s most favorite toy. It’s delicate, it rattles and it can even fill in as a chew toy when your infant’s gums begin to tingle.


5. Needle Felted Rattle Ball

Sensory play is essential for healthy and normal growth. So, ensure to give your adorable baby lots of toys made from safe materials and different colors, like this vividly-colored felted rattle ball.


6. Soft Rattle Blocks For Babies

Your little one is sure to get tired throwing a ball (as you will get tired chasing after it). Take care of that issue and give some variety to your infant with these soft rattle blocks for babies.



7. DIY Flying V Guitar Plushie

Make your little rocker shine with his/her very own first V guitar. He/she might not be able to play on it yet, but he/she can certainly work on a little smashing.


8. Basket Of Felt Toys

Easily tutor your little darling about colors and shapes by playing with this basket of felt toys. It makes a great gift, as it’s the perfect toy to help the child’s early development.


9. Walli The Whale Pillow Pet

At the end of the day, delicate and adorable toys are made to be hugged and squeezed. So, making this Walli the whale pillow pet is all worth it for your baby to snuggle with.


10. Crinkle Tag Toy for Baby

Each infant goes through the phase when the labels of the toy are more intriguing than the toy itself. When that happens to your little one, create this crinkle tag toy and watch your curious one get occupied for quite a long time.


11. Felt Ball Mobile

When I was expecting a baby, the first toy that came to mind was a baby mobile. But instead of buying those costly mobiles, I opted to DIY it. Talk about adding mother’s touch and love to it make it even more special. It was pretty easy to make!


12. DIY Baby Shakers

You can create these DIY baby shakers using different kinds of containers or canisters. The sounds are fascinating for infants and encourage them to learn cause and effect because every time they shake it, it creates noise. For toddlers, using different containers loaded with various things that create different sounds will intrigue them as they compare sounds.


Want more DIY baby toys? Press play on the video below:

Having a baby is genuine bliss, but with it comes the huge responsibility of raising him/her in this world. An infant requires consistent stimulation from their surroundings, keeping in mind the goal to learn and grow appropriately. Thus, providing them baby-friendly, soft baby toys surely helps them become more aware of their surroundings. I do hope these DIY baby toys have helped you choose the perfect toy for your dearest little darling.

Which of these DIY baby toys are you itching to make? Let us know in the comments below!

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