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DIY Comfy Baby Car Seat Cover For A Safe and Warm Ride

Thinking about customizing your baby’s car seat cover? Be more creative and add some personal touches to your baby’s car seat. All you need to do is read this article and your good to go. It’s incredibly easy, too!

Car Seat Cover Tutorial For Your Baby

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If you’re a crafty mom and wanted to make sure the comfort of your baby throughout the ride, add this DIY baby car seat cover onto your sewing project. You can also choose your own design and the kind of fabric you wanted to use.

As parents, we always want only the best for our children — be it food, clothes, toys and of course, their safety. And talking about being protective parents, a car ride is never an exception. But dear mommies, you can still add some fun to your baby’s car seat without disregarding their safety and even their nap time. I believe your kids would enjoy their ride even more because of this customized car seat cover that’s made just for them.

More people are going for personalized or homemade items nowadays. For creative moms who like to do a quick and easy sewing project, try this baby car seat cover. It will keep your baby asleep, warm, and safe. It is also a perfect DIY gift idea.

This project will definitely let your creative juices flow without disregarding your baby’s comfort. So, get ready with the materials and check the step-by-step instructions below.


Here are the thing’s you’ll need:

Step 1. Preparing the fabric

Cut 36 by 42 inch long pieces for both your front and backing fabric. Then, cut another 2 rectangles for your strap and it is going to measure 7 by 12 inches.


Step 2. Cut the corners in a curve shape

First, you’re going to cut the corners in a curved shape. Start by making a curve line at one corner of your fabric. Cut it out. Then fold the other corners to match it up and cut the exact same curve from your first corner.

Tip: In making a perfect curve, you can use a bowl, or make a pattern out of cardboard to make or get a nicely perfect curve.


Step 3. Sew the front and back piece together

After cutting out the curves, place the right sides facing each other of your front and back piece together, then put pins all the way around. Make sure to leave 5-inch opening because later on after sewing you will turn it to the right sides. When you’re done sewing, you can turn the right sides out and iron it. This will make your top stitching look nice and to make sure that your corners look nice and round.

Reminder: If you choose to use a Minky fabric, you will be using more pins as it often slips a lot. Also, you don’t have to iron directly on top of it because it might burn your fabric. You can use a wet rug and put it on top, and lightly iron with a low setting.


Step 4. Top stitch

Next, do the topstitching all the way around and close the 5-inch gap that you left.

Tip: You can use a double needle, single needle, or make a zigzag stitch. It’s totally optional.

Step 5. Sew the rectangular pieces for the strap

Make the rectangular piece’s edges meet up by folding it facing the right sides together. Sew at a half inch seam allowance all the way down the edge.


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You can also make this as a baby shower gift. The instructions are all laid out so even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to do this easily. What are you waiting for? Start sewing this adorable car seat cover now!

Seeing your babies safe and sound while you’re driving is such a relief, right? I would really love to see the ones you made. Leave comments and share pictures in the comment section below!

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