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15 Halloween Decor DIY Projects And Ideas

Feature | Halloween Decor DIY Projects And Ideas

Looking for the perfect Halloween decor DIY ideas to dress up your home? Look no further–we have it here!

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Halloween Decor DIY Projects to Make This Year!

1. Dollar Store Halloween Decorations

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations | Halloween Decor DIY Projects And Ideas
Easy Dollar Store Halloween Decorations You Should Try Photo by DIY Projects

Head over to the nearest dollar store and make these cheap Halloween decor DIY ideas. Who can ever tell you only spend a couple of bucks for these?

2. Frightful DIY Halloween Ghost Luminaries

This is your next upcycling project. Grab some milk jugs and make these DIY ghost luminaries. It’ll be perfect up against the sides of the front porch steps or along the driveway.

3. Haunted Specter Mirror

If you’re into scary Halloween decor DIY crafts, this one should make the cut! Turn a plain mirror into a ghost-infested one. I wouldn’t want to glance at this haunted specter mirror at night.

This could also work on your glass windows and scare the souls out of passersby.

4. Embroidery Hoop Spider Web

Make these spider web hoops that are more cute than scary. When Halloween’s over just add a couple more string and you can pass it as a DIY dream catcher.

5. Printable Halloween Luminaries

You don’t have to spend hours to make spooky luminaries. Sometimes all you need is a printer with these free printable Halloween luminaries.

6. Halloween Ghost Jars

Put mason jars in the equation by making these DIY ghost jars. See how you can make them here.

Easy and cute!

7. DIY Skeleton Lawn Decorations

Have a chillin’ Halloween with your skeleton friends on your front lawn. Borrow this idea and turn your lawn more comical than frightful.

8. Origami Halloween Bats

Grab some paper and try your skills in a little origami DIY Halloween crafts. This is also one of the perfect DIY Halloween decorations for kids to make.

You can make a DIY garland and have bats everywhere!

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9. Ghost Tablecloth

Looking for easy to make Halloween decor DIY decorations? Surprise your family and guests with a creepy guest on your dinner table.

A face form, cheesecloth, and cornstarch will make this interestingly creepy craft perfect for your Halloween party table setting.

10. Yard Tombstones

Remember our skeleton friends chillin’ out at #7, add some tombstones beside them to complete the ensemble. Make more because what’s creepier than a whole yard of tombstones.

11. Tortured Candles

The creepiness can never be complete without candles and you won’t have a problem with that with your DIY candlemaking know-how. This time, leave off the scented part for now and go for tortured effects.

12. Eyeball Flowers

Get that feeling that someone’s looking at you? Maybe it’s because of these eyeball flowers.

Buy some plastic flowers, eyeballs, and glue them in place. The darker the color of the flower the better.

13. Wriggling Snake Wreath

This is not your usual DIY wreath. Would you agree that this petrifying wreath is something Medusa would have at her door?

14. Salt Dough Bones

Spend some time with your kids making this Halloween decor DIY craft. Get the tutorial here and have a blast making these bones.

15. DIY Spiderweb Doormat Tutorial

A Halloween decor DIY craft that is super simple to make, this spiderweb doormat is something you can make now and reuse every year. I have one now and it’s practically a Halloween decor tradition.


Want a few more Halloween decor DIY ideas to try? Check out this video from Cloe Coture:

I love Halloween. Not only is this the time for dress-ups but it’s also the season to make and craft Halloween decorations for the home.

Crafting is always a great experience for our family and what better way to spend it than over some scary Halloween decorations. If you’re throwing a party, making all of these Halloween decor DIY ideas will instantly turn your house into a horror house.

Impress any living soul who steps into your home with these crafty tricks!

Which ones from this Halloween decor DIY list did you like best? Let me know which one you’ll be making for Halloween in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 19, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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