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DIY Swimming Pool Cover- Tutorial

Pool cover is needed in the summer too, its not just for winter. This summer is gearing up to be a scorcher so chances are you'll be using the pool ALOT. Swimming pools require a bit of maintenance and when left uncovered leaves, debris and all kinds of insects can get it. That's why you need a pool cover and today we'll show you how to make one. Make Your own Pool …Continue Reading

8 Creative Upcycling Projects for Your Home

Upcycling projects allow you to reuse old items which would have normally gone into the garbage heap, This is not good for the environment. However it also brings out your creative side, challenging you to dig deep and make something new from something old. Today we'll show you 8 creative upcycling projects for your home. 1. Suitcase Turned  …Continue Reading

Super Creative Garden Art Ideas -DIY

Garden art is so in right now! It's officially the first day of summer which means outdoor parties, lounging by the pool and backyard barbecues. Since you'll be spending so much time outdoors its time to spruce up your space, with a bit of creativity. We have some great ideas to spruce up your garden and make your yard the envy of all the neighbors! 6 Garden Art Ideas For Your …Continue Reading

How to Remove Stubborn Stains from Your Toilet

Toilet cleaning is one of the least enjoyable moments of owning a home, but it has to be done. Sometimes however no matter how often you clean, there can be stubborn stains left behind. This is where the heavy- duty cleaners come into play, but we don't want you to use any harsh chemicals like bleach so we have some natural options that are even more effective. Read on for …Continue Reading

10 Cool Clothespin Crafts For Adults & Kids

Clothespin serves more purposes than you can imagine. Yes, as the name suggest its main purpose is for pinning clothes but since we are crafty people we've found a variety of crafty ways you can uses clothespin. Read on for some cool ideas! 1. Caterpillar and your little ones will enjoy making these adorable caterpillars using …Continue Reading