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Elements Lab Launches DIY 3D Jewelry Making App [CRAFT NEWS]

Love making your own jewelry? Elements Lab has a new app sure to excite all the DIY jewelry-holics out there. DIY 3D Jewelry Making App Arrives From Elements Lab The Elements Lab Jewelry Maker app from Taiwan-based 3D printing company Elements Lab promises "easy DIY jewelry making with real 3D printed jewelry." The app is slated to release by the end of February. To …Continue Reading

[QUIZ] What Kind of DIY-er Are You?

Know thyself. A simple aphorism, but tricky to execute. There's no manual for understanding your true self! This quiz won't help you make major strides in self understanding, but it will take you a teensy bit closer. For us crafters, it is important to know: what kind of DIY-ers are we, really? …Continue Reading

‘Puppy Monkey Baby’ DIY Halloween Costume Tips

If you tuned in to Super Bowl 50 last Sunday like millions of other Americans, you probably caught the Mountain Dew commercial featuring a bizarre new creature: Puppy Monkey Baby. Puppy Monkey Baby DIY Costume With the face of a pug, the torso of a monkey and the diaper and waddling gait of a baby, the little guy/thing elicited an array of emotions from viewers: intrigue, …Continue Reading

How Handy Are You? [QUIZ]

How Handy Are You? [QUIZ] Self-sufficiency is all the rage in the digital age. Social media channeles like Pinterest have helped spawn a DIY craze and infinite YouTube tutorials make it easy to teach yourself how to repair just about anything. But has all the available information rubbed off on you? Are you confident tackling major home improvement projects? Are you nervous …Continue Reading

Mason & Ivy: DIY Looks Ready-Made

Love that DIY look, but don't always have time to sit down and sew, knit or crochet your next outfit? For those with a DIY soul -- but are short on time -- there's Mason and Ivy. Mason and Ivy is a clothing brand based in the uber-eclectic city of Austin, Texas, and its apparel mirrors the uniqueness of the city. From ponchos to rompers to booties to shoulder bags, …Continue Reading

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