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Enjoy Your Cool Nights Outdoors With A DIY Stone Fire Pit

You know what’s the perfect way to spend a cool night? For me, it would be around a camp fire, surrounded by friends and family, a cool beer in hand, and barbeque on the other. This scenario is best completed with a fire pit that’s exactly what you want, not too flashy nor extravagant, but rather simple and efficient. This DIY stone fire pit is just what you need.

Enjoy Your Cool Nights Outdoors With A DIY Stone Fire Pit

Unlike other types of fire pits that involve concrete or other bulky and pricey materials, this DIY stone fire pit is nowhere near those kinds. This one is just made of bricks glued together and piled up. This fire pit is so easy to make, you can even customize its size or height and other factors according to your liking. Here’s what you need and the steps you need to take to get that amazing fire pit.

Here are the supplies you need: 

  • Bricks (36 pcs 4″ x 11.2″ Ashland Flagstone bricks)
  • Paver Sand (2 bags, 0.5 cu. ft.)
  • Lava Rock (2 bags, 0.5 cu. ft.)
  • Concrete Adhesive and Caulk Gun (2 tubes)

Make sure you have these tools:

  • Spade Shovel
  • Level


1. Remove sod on the fire pit area.

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Remove the sod right under where you want your fire pit to be. To do this, set your first ring of bricks in the area and trace where it lies.

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Free Group T-Shirt

Move the bricks aside and remove sod using a shovel.  Just remove until 2 inches deep so you can base a layer of sand.

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2. Put paver sand.

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Now that your ground is level, place the bags of paver sand on the dug-out area for the fire pit. This will create a solid base for the pit.

Pat down the sand to make it nice and compact.

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Using a level, check out if the sand is even.

3. Start laying the first layer of bricks. 

Place the first layer of bricks around the fire pit area.

Put a concrete adhesive atop the first layer, right before you put the second layer to make sure it won’t budge.

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4. Build the fire pit up.

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Now place your second layer of bricks.

Repeat the process of putting an adhesive on top of the second layer before setting the third layer of bricks. In this project, the top row was offset to make it different from the first two rows and allowing the heat to easily come off at the bottom. You can customize your own DIY stone fire pit too.

5. Put rocks on the bed. 

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Place your bags of lava rock (or any rock of your choice) on the bed of the fire pit to ensure its solid base. Now you have a solid and cool DIY stone fire pit for your outdoors!

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And done!


Here is the full video tutorial for this cool DIY stone fire pit from Gilroy Vlogs

Now you have a fire pit that can keep you warm and your marshmallows sweetly melted. This DIY project can be done by a beginner, and will only involve a few tools and supplies easy to find. It’s totally worthy to have one in your outdoors now.

Click here for a different version of a DIY fire pit you can also easily create.

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Featured Image from Old World Garden Farms

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