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Wood & Metal Working

DIY Cutting Board | Woodworking Ideas

If you’re looking for a durable DIY cutting board, you’re in for a special treat today with this easy tutorial. Check out this awe-inspiring kitchen cutting board that’s bound to be your new best friend in the kitchen. Create Your Own DIY Cutting Board In 6 Simple Steps Wooden cutting boards have an advantage over any other type of cutting board. It has natural antiseptic …Continue Reading

The Complete Guide To Wood Working Tools For Beginners

Wood working is an amazing hobby, and I got into it when I was in high school. At first, I thought it was all about using hammer and nails and a saw, but boy was I wrong. I had a lot to learn about wood working tools, and I think every wood working enthusiast should know a thing or two about them. But before jumping into projects, allow us to walk you through the basic wood …Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide On How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

A change in color can alter one's appeal and may even be better than its old version. Your cabinets that have long been in its original color may need an upgrade. Don’t you think now is the right time to have a project for your home improvement? Look around and maybe you feel the urge to remodel your home kitchen cabinets. Let's add a new element to your home now, shall we? For …Continue Reading

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